BMS: The Results Show – Act II

Greetings, Citizens of the Universe!

Welcome to the next installment of Berryz Memorial Survey: The Results Show. Last time, we took a general look at the history of Berryz Koubou. In this installment, we will explore the early days of the BK girls. Fresh off the novelty of being among the Hello! Project Kids, eight girls were selected to become its first group. Debuting on March 3, 2004, Berryz Koubou began a journey that will forever shape so many lives…

Come along, I’ll tell you a tale of the 8nin Era!

Best A-Side

  1. Special Genera~tion (6 votes – 37.50%)
  2. Piriri to Yukou! (5 votes – 31%)
  3. Koi no Jubaku (5 votes – 31.30%)
  4. Nanchuu Koi wo Yatteruu YOU KNOW? (5 votes – 31%)
  5. Anata Nashi de wa Ikite Yukenai (4 votes – 25.00%)
  6. Happiness ~Koufuku Kangei!~ (3 votes – 18.80%)
  7. 21ji Made no Cinderella (1 votes – 6.30%)
  8. Fighting Pose wa Date ja nai! (0 votes – 0.00%)

Best B-Side

  1. BERRY FIELDS (8 votes – 50.00%)
  2. Yuujou Junjou oh Seishun (7 votes – 44%)
  3. Koishiteru Toki wa Itsumo… (5 votes – 31.30%)
  4. Himitsu no (4 votes – 25.00%)
  5. Kaccho ee! (2 votes – 12.50%)
  6. Passion E-CHA E-CHA (2 votes – 12.50%)
  7. Yume de Do Up (2 votes – 12.50%)
  8. Natsu Wakame (1 votes – 6%)

Best Album

As you can see, the clear winner here is 1st Chou Berryz with 14 votes (87.5%). The second album, Dai 2 Seichouki (which will be elaborated on in the next post), has a “cooler” reception with 2 votes (12.5%).

Best 1st Chou Berryz Song

  1. Bye Bye Mata ne (9 votes – 56.30%)
  2. Semi (6 votes – 37.50%)
  3. Anshinkan (2 votes – 12.50%)
  4. TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY (2 votes – 12.50%)
  5. Koi wa Hipparidako (1 votes – 6%)
  6. Kozukai UP Daisakusen (1 votes – 6.30%)
  7. Anata Nashi de wa Ikite Yukenai (remix) (1 votes – 6%)
  8. Nicchoku ~Geinoujin no Kaiwa~ (0 votes – 0.00%)
  9. Hello! no Theme (Berryz Koubou Version) (0 votes – 0.00%)

What would you consider the high point of this era? Why?

There were many responses given to this question. One thing considered a high point was the material, citing the first single, the now-legendary “Special Generation,” and the “very upbeat and enjoyable to listen to” nature of the 8nin Era work as well. Another was the energy and novelty, pointing out that the enthusiasm showed itself (looking at “Piriri to Yukou”) and the fact that they were a fresh-faced group then. One mentioned the DVD magazines, which was “super fun back then~” while another pointed to the joint concert with W and “massa” being a front girl. One other fan said that the sales of their frist album was a high point, inquiring as to whether it was their best-selling studio album. (It was.) The remaining two answers couldn’t really pinpoint a particular aspect to consider “the high point.”

What would you consider the low point of this era? Why?

Like before, this too provided a lot of clues. In a reverse to one answer in the previous question, one answer was “Piriri to Yukou,” only because this fan didn’t “really like the song.” One pointed to the high-pitched voices (something I actually agreed with and did turn me away from the material for a spell), but noted the tone decreased. Two said it was the low sales of their singles, one noting the abysmal sales of “Fighting Pose wa Date Janai!” (which was always their lowest seller). Two more said “I dunno” to the question.

However, in spite of this, the dominating answer was one you might have expected:

“…of course,” a fan responded.

“…because it was sad,” another noted.

You guessed it, the dominating answer was Maiha’s graduation. “Something else left when Maiha did, and it never came back.” This seemed to have left a big impact and it’s no wonder. This was a life-changing moment and always is when an idol leaves. It was the first hurdle in the Berryz’s long climb, but we know they’ve survived. However, it didn’t change that fact.

Is there anything about this era you’d want to change or no? Why?

Although some lamented the poor sales (in spite of the material being “some of the most enjoyable in my opinion”), the depature of Maiha, and wished for “more coverage of past H!P songs,” the primary response to this question is “no.” The era was considered a building block in how the Berryz are today, one even saying that “everything was ok!” One couldn’t think of a response while another provided this one with a headscratcher:

As much as I love “Happiness ~Kofuku Kangei~”, I can’t help but wonder what might have happened had “Yuujou Junjou oh Seishun” been released as an a-side instead…

Any additional thoughts about this era?

There some thoughts given. One pined the level of enthusiasm (or rather “if only Tsunku knew how to manage the group to do so”). Another mentioned the adorableness of the group in general (and who can blame him?). One other said that while Maiha was fine, they preferred Berryz as a 7nin group. The others were a quartet of nos, one explaining that they got into the group later on.

In Conclusion

Life was good during this era. The Berryz were on the rise and then that hurdle with Maiha’s graduation.

I’ll end it with the much-beloved Special Genera~tion, loves.

Next week on BMS: The Results Show: We take a left turn at Albuquerque as the Berryz rise from a loss in the 7nin Era!

Stay berry nice with a taste of honey!



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