BMS: The Results Show – Act I

Greetings, Citizens of the Universe!

Welcome to the first proper installment of Berryz Memorial Survey: The Results Show. Last week, we preluded the show with some words about the survey itself and its history. Starting this week, we go over the responses given, page by page. We begin this show by discussing the General Stuff, taking a general look at the Berryz and its members before digging deeper.

Best Album/Mini-Album


  1. 7 Berryz Times (6 votes – 37.50%)
  2. 5 (FIVE) (4 votes – 25%)
  3. 6th Otakebi Album (4 votes – 25%)
  4. 4th Ai no Nanchara Shisuu (3 votes – 18.80%)
  5. Ai no Album 8 (2 votes – 12.50%)
  6. Berryz Mansion 9 Kai (2 votes – 12.50%)
  7. 1st Chou Berryz (1 votes – 6.30%)
  8. 3 Natsu Natsu Mini Berryz (1 votes – 6.30%)
  9. Dai 2 Seichouki (0 votes – 0%)
  10. Special! Best Mini ~2.5 Maime no Kare~ (0 votes – 0%)

Before I go into the analysis, I’ll have to preface this by saying that the reason the mini-albums are lumped together with the proper studio albums is due to the numbering. (Those who voted or followed the Berryz would’ve noticed this from the get-go.)

As you can see, the top five albums are later offerings.

Best Single

  1. Otakebi Boy WAO! / Tomodachi wa Tomodachi Nanda! (6 votes – 37.50%)
  2. Anata Nashi de wa Ikite Yukenai    (4 votes – 25%)
  3. Ai wa Itsumo Kimi no Naka ni / Fuutsu, Idol 10nen Yatterannai Desho!? (4 votes – 25%)
  4. Koi no Jubaku (3 votes – 18.80%)
  5. Special Genera~tion (3 votes – 18.80%)
  6. VERY BEAUTY    (3 votes – 18.80%)
  7. Dakishimete Dakishimete (3 votes – 18.80%)
  8. Seishun Bus Guide / Rival (3 votes – 18.80%)
  9. Maji Bomber!! (3 votes – 18.80%)
  10. Aa, Yo ga Akeru (3 votes – 18.80%)
  11. cha cha SING (3 votes – 18.80%)
  12. WANT! (3 votes – 18.80%)
  13. Towa no Uta / Romance wo Katatte (3 votes – 18.80%)
  14. Gag 100 Kaibun Aishite Kudasai (2 votes – 13%)
  15. Jiriri Kiteru (2 votes – 12.50%)
  16. Dschinghis Khan (2 votes – 12.50%)
  17. Watashi no Mirai no Danna-sama / Ryuusei Boy (2 votes – 12.50%)
  18. Heroine ni Narou ka! (2 votes – 12.50%)
  19. Ai no Dangan (2 votes – 12.50%)
  20. Asian Celebration (2 votes – 12.50%)
  21. Golden Chinatown / Sayonara Usotsuki no Watashi (2 votes – 12.50%)
  22. Motto Zutto Issho ni Itakatta / ROCK Erotic (2 votes – 12.50%)
  23. Otona na no yo! / 1-oku 3-senman Sou Diet Oukoku (2 votes – 12.50%)
  24. Happiness ~Koufuku Kangei!~ (1 vote – 6.30%)
  25. Nanchuu Koi wo Yatteruu YOU KNOW? (1 vote – 6.30%)
  26. 21ji Made no Cinderella (1 vote – 6%)
  27. Waracchaou yo BOYFRIEND (1 vote – 6.30%)
  28. Kokuhaku no Funsui Hiroba (1 vote – 6.30%)
  29. Yuke Yuke Monkey Dance (1 vote – 6.30%)
  30. MADAYADE (1 vote – 6.30%)
  31. Shining Power (1 vote – 6.30%)
  32. Fighting Pose wa Date ja nai! (0 votes – 0%)
  33. Piriri to Yukou! (0 votes – 0.00%)
  34. Munasawagi Scarlet (0 votes – 0%)
  35. Tsukiatteru no ni Kataomoi (0 votes – 0%)
  36. Be Genki (0 votes – 0%)

Who’s your “oshimen”?


  1. Shimizu Saki (7 votes – 43.80%)
  2. Natsuyaki Miyabi (3 votes – 18.80%)
  3. Tsugunaga Momoko (2 votes – 13%)
  4. Sudo Maasa (2 votes – 12.50%)
  5. Kumai Yurina (2 votes – 12.50%)
  6. Sugaya Risako (2 votes – 12.50%)
  7. Tokunaga Chinami (1 vote – 6%)
  8. Ishimura Maiha (0 votes – 0.00%)

Consider me surprised at this result. Captain was a lot more popular than I thought. (Don’t trust the marketing team. Also, this might also be a result of Saki fans being the majority of the respondents. However, regardless, the data cannot lie here and I’m a woman of science. It is one reason I do these surveys: to analyze this magical fandom we have and better understand it.)

Shimizu Saki

Most comments pertaining to Captain were about her beauty, dancing ability, and amicable personality. How befitting someone in a position of leadership!

Someone also mentioned that the amount of heart she put into her performance and the recognition she had gotten for her improvement were worth mentioning, expressing the feeling that she is “someone I hope future members will look up to.”

Natsuyaki Miyabi

Miyabi had gotten three votes, two of which she shares with her fellow Berryz (which is why her percentage is weird. Captain was one of the multiples, which is why her percentage is weird). The other Berryz her fans voted for alongside her and Saki? Momoko and Risako.

Momoko and Miyabi earned their votes through their Buono! connection and their talent, which is how their shared vote is gotten.

Shimizu Saki, Natsuyaki Miyabi’s shared vote with Captain and Risako are gotten because they’re the voting fan’s “faves forever <3”. How sweet!

Miyabi’s sole solo vote came about because… well, the fan in question didn’t provide a reason. Well, let’s not question it! Fandom is fandom, after all. (Besides, trying to put some controls into the survey is what led to some of the problems. The Sayumi Survey were spared these issues, despite them being the exact same conditions. After all, it was created in the image of this survey!)

Tsugunaga Momoko

As mentioned, Momoko shares one of her votes with Miyabi via her Buono! connection and talent. Her other vote came because she was described as (in the fan’s words) “a Force of Nature, pure and simple.”

Sudou Maasa

Maasa received her votes because her fans thought she was “really cool and super pretty” and “amazign [sic]”.

Kumai Yurina

Yurina received her votes primarily due to her beauty. (The other response was “Ugh.” Not going to try to pick that response apart.)

Sugaya Risako

The sole comment on Risako was the “faves forever” with Miyabi and Captain.

Tokunaga Chinami and Ishimura Maiha

Chinami’s sole vote was another unelaborated one while Maiha received none at all.
Poor Maiha. This is certainly stemming from her early departure and thus being under the radar for some fans. However, this is simply speculation and this post is about the data and it says Maiha is not the oshimen for 13 responding fans.

In Conclusion

Through this picture, an image is formed. The fans have spoken and a variety of viewpoints were offered. However, as the data will later show When looking at the Berryz and their history in a general, overall view, some surprising results can result. Some singles in the top 10 aren’t associated at all with albums with the same slots. Plus, there’s also the members themselves, who have touched their fans in a variety of ways.

However, this is only the beginning and we have only begun to scratch the surface.

Next week on BMS: The Results Show: We start at the very beginning of Shop Class in the 8nin Era!

Stay berry nice with a taste of honey!


P.S. the blog’s 100th post is coming. See this masterpost on Kathartic Bohemia for ways you can contribute.

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