IM Cake Day 2015

It’s the most idolful time of the year~!

That’s right, the Idolminded Anniversary sugar rush has become a threesome.

Taking into account the first two years, the site has come a long way from its roots. Both it and its predecessor have inspired bloggers to pick up their pens (myself being among them).

There were times during this period of renewal where I felt my efforts were for naught. However, a good part of anything in life involves patience and part of being bold and assertive is knowing when to back off. My anniversary posts came late because connection issues wrecked my blogging groove in the beginning of the month and petty disagreements wrecked my groove this current week. Throughout this entire venture, I had to live with the solitude of being not just someone who regularly blogs, but also a subject matter that isn’t shared with most. There’s a sight loneliness in blogging, especially about idols. J-pop, K-pop, C-pop, whatever. I’m a little upset it’s taken me this long to feel comfortable about who I am and what I do, be it being an artist or a blogger or a blogger and an artist. (It’s pretty much what my personal brand is built around these days, especially since “Magi-Kat” was picked out as my artist name and blogging was the last thing I thought about. At least it gives me experience in analyzing data and market, skills I really need to survive as an artist in this era.)

Blogging and art, such weird words to put together in a sentence. Closest I have to a proper art blog now is my Tumblr blog, Kathartic Bohemia, though I sometimes wonder who watches me fur the art. Some with my also near-decade-old DeviantArt page, seeing as most either left, faded, or just aren’t engaging (or is it I’m not engaging enough?).

Most who come to idol blogs come for either one of two things: the articles or the eye candy. Within the “article” set are two subsets: the news or the op-ed pieces. Such content is now diverse with some bloggers doing podcasts and vlog entries. (Shout out to Chiima and Ash for their efforts. Way to rock the nouvelle vague of media!) Where does mine stand, with its generous amount of pics and most in the form of illustrations? Should I just continue to take a Thomas Nast approach and continue down this path, supplementing my commentary on idol news and culture with cute visuals of a fandom joke bright to life?

Well, I can’t deny the intersection of such things. I will continue to blog and I know others will. Reading a report that engagement showed down at Idolminded created cracks in my heart of glass, but I cannot stop now. I know blogs will continue and IM does have an effect on traffic — and us bloggers on IM. We have a symbiotic relationship, akin to organisms. One can even think of blogs as worker bees (or even the flowers that become pollinated) and IM is the queen. (Who’d be the drones?)

Thank you, Idolminded. For the friends. For the inspiration. For the community you’ve spawned.

Thank you, Ray. Thank you for everything you’ve done.
Domo arigato, Mr. Rayboto.

Idolminded Anniversary 2015

Happy anniversary.


P.S. Kilroy was here.


2 Responses to IM Cake Day 2015

  1. […] this was Idolminded’s third anniversary if it wasn’t for Kat, her wonderful tweet, and her even more wonderful post. It’s nice to be appreciated and that is the point of this site: to help idol bloggers feel […]


  2. […] The last week of March featured a lot of content, owing to my intent to debut M3’s new look around then and wanting a good buffer. Country Girls’ debut single started the week, followed by a review of MM’s PreCure tie-in MV, Ogawa Makoto’s annuncement, a review of C-ute’s single, and ending with posts comemorating my tenth netiversary and Idolminded’s third Cake Day. […]


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