A Small River’s True Zither: Mako’s Tidal Wave of an Announcement

Greetings, Citizens of the Universe!

This is a short one, but is worth broadcasting.


Recently, it was announced that one of my favorite MM OGs, Ogawa Makoto, is retiring from show business. This comes near the week of my not-so-big decennial celebration and the tough concentrations regarding my state of fandom and blogging.

When I first read the news, I was somewhat saddened as it’s a further erosion. However, it is a sign of changing times and a big decision to make regarding life. It never is easy to make a big life change like becoming a star (at 13) or retiring from show business, especially with no idea about what to do her life afterwards. (All the more reason to explore. She’s still young and isn’t locked in like some former Musume could be. We’ll see what happens.)

As a fan, the only thing I can do is wish her well in her future endeavors. Good luck, Ogawa Makoto!



3 Responses to A Small River’s True Zither: Mako’s Tidal Wave of an Announcement

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  2. […] Konno graduated on July 30, 2006 during the Hello! Project Summer Tour. Ogawa’s graduation ceremony was held on August 27 during a performance of Ribbon no Kishi the Musical. Konno would later be the only H!P graduate to return (though she would later leave the Project and UFA years later). Ogawa’s also not in UFA anymore as of March 2015. […]


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