A Beautiful Morning Out in the Country: Sorry for Being Adorable Love Thieves

Greetings, citizens of the universe.

Just when the hype couldn’t get contained any longer, it has come to my attention that the Country Girls and Morning Musume ’15 have released their latest MVs. (In the case of the Country Girls, it’s their first.) Since the Morning Girls will get their time in the limelight come a few days, this post will talk about the newly reborn Country Girls and one of their debut A-sides: Itooshikutte Gomenne/Koi Dorobou.

Well, without further ado, let’s get to it!

Itooshikutte Gomenne

The Song

The song is appropriately titled as it’s just too cute for words! Beginning with a clock/music box-like rendition of the melody before going into the meat of the track: a sugary cute song that might be even saccharine for some ears. Between the English lyrics sung by backup vocalists (and lip-synced by the girls), spoken monologues, and just general cuteness. It reminds one of two departed groups (one had a name change, the other had a changing of the guard) while channeling the classic idol sweetness of Shochuu Omimai Moshiagemasu. I’m also reminded of Pabo’s “Koi no Hexagon” and one of my favorite songs in the Country Musume catalogue (even if it’s from their “featured” days), “Koibito wa Kokoro no Ouendan“.

The PV

Hilariously, the MV begins with an outtake from Momoko. We then head into the video proper with one off the Country Girls at her desk. Between the dance shot footage with their nice outfits, we see the girls at desks, beds, and windows. Between writing on notepads or scrubbing hearts on a screen, the girls are just too cute, so cute that they feel they must apologize for it. Don’t apologize, girls. Work with your natural charm!


If this is one half, I’m excited for the other A-side. I’m getting rather optimistic about the future of the Country Girls as their debut is sure to turn some heads.

Koi Dorobou

The Song

The song continue the 50’s/60’s-style rock-influenced pop with the Country Girls’ cute vocals. The chorus is topped off with the adorable cute spoken countdowns followed with “Love Me Do.” (At the end, this is replaced with “Oh… Say Oh My God!”) Much like the standard-setting heart snatcher, the Country Girls steal our hearts with their solid vocals. (The less we think about the brief time their “playing manager” will be around, the better.)

The PV

Where “Itooshikutte Gomenne” takes place in a white room, “Koi Dorobu” takes us to a sanctuary of PANK. It’s a fun free-for-all of pink and cute, between the flowers, the bedding, and even their outfits.


This one carries on the cuteness of it’s counterpart while having a slight bit of cheekiness.

In Conclusion

  • The songs both possess a retro-esque 50’s rock vibe, complete with a slight rockabilly sensibility. (This can be somewhat expected since this is the Country Girls we’re dealing with, the reborn Country Musume.) Both songs are totally cute and catchy with solid vocals that would set the girls up. Such a shame, they’re such cute heart-stealers.

The single will be released on March 25th.

Stay fresh,

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