We Love Chocolate [Damacy]

Warning: This delectable post contains YouTube videos which may cause sugar crashes.

It’s the most loveliest time of the year. *hides from the Grammar Police and dodges a tomato* Gimme a break! I gotta work it in somehow!

Valentine’s Day is in the air and it’s nearly been a year since M3’s comeback. Let’s celebrate in style with some Valentine’s Day PVs! Perfume, Ayaya, Kikka, let’s bathe ourselves in chocolate sweetness!

To preface this, I must show the other A-sides as they all tell a story:

Sekaijuu ni Kimi wa Hitori dake

This was the first A-side in this trilogy.
we begin the dainty harpsichord before You whispers “I love you.” We interlude to process “ahs” and the before transitioning into the first verse. The song keeps up this mood, the key changing when we go to the chorus. The dying ends the wet out begins: with a light and airy harpsichord.

In the PV, we primarily see You on steps in a garden, looking at all of the green wonders. Starting with the second verse, we get shots of her standing on the side of a wall. One particular close-up shot has her shed a tear before smiling.

All in all it is a light and romantically somber song, befitting at the Valentine’s season, with a PV to match.

Valentine’s RADIO

We have come to the second part of the Kikkawa You Valentine’s trilogy.

Unlike Sekaijuu, this is slightly more electrified, more poppy.

In the vid, we first see You at a writing table, pondering and writing a letter to an unknown someone. While this is the PV for a Kikkawa You song and she is featured, the real star of the show is Writer!You’s robotic maid. (Let’s call her Robomaid!You.) She stole the show with her adorable sweets-making antics.
At the end we see where to you send your letters in the plane and weights. Robomaid!You on the other hand is having a meltdown following a cream puff mishap.

Yuu You Kikkawa – Chocolate Damashii

With those out of the way, we get to the final piece of this chocolate treat, a cover of the previously mentioned “Chocolate Damashii.” (One can say this is a shout out to Kikka’s H!P origins.)

We begin with a radio tuning sound before we get to the song itself. It has a fuller sound compared to Ayaya’s original, which only serves to build on what the original had. Dare I say that it took its P5-like Shibuya-kei sheen and took it up to eleven, ad astra even. I would be lying if I said this wasn’t my favorite and it was agonizing to review the outer vids getting to this one, even if it was fun.

The You of this PV sports a fun and funky outfit as she lounges on her front porch. Later on, a paper plane arrives (presumably WriterOjou!You’s letter), to her delight. Delight I say on account of the smile she gives as soon as she finishes reading it.
Meanwhile, Robomaid!You continues to slave over a kitchen as she prepares a delicious treat. After she finishes, she delivers her tasty treat to its bedside recipient, who gives her a kiss of gratitude.

Happy Valentine’s Day from Magic Morning Meteora!

Be sweet,


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