Chocolate Damacy

Warning: This delectable post contains YouTube videos which may cause sugar crashes.

It’s the most loveliest time of the year. *hides from the Grammar Police and dodges a tomato* Gimme a break! I gotta work it in somehow!

Valentine’s Day is in the air and it’s nearly been a year since M3’s comeback. Let’s celebrate in style with some Valentine’s Day PVs! Perfume, Ayaya, Kikka, let’s bathe ourselves in chocolate sweetness!

In this post, we go Up Front into the Ghosts of H!P past with Ayaya with Chocolate Damashii!

This was the 21st and last single Ayaya released while in H!P. (She graduated a month after its release, the ceremony held within the same month.)

With that in mind, how did this escape my rewind series? In fact, how did this escape my radar before I disappeared?!

Nevermind, I’m reviewing it this time.

A light pop mid-tempo ballad with a fluffy flair. The “ufufufu”s add to the 60s flavor of the song, almost reminiscent of Pizzicato Five. On another note, I’m reminded of a song by them.

The song also takes on a new meaning upon the realization that Ayaya is baking something in that little oven of hers. I envy her and anyone else who has find love. My love life is a wreck.

The PV is simple, as per the norm in H!P, and has Ayaya in a simple room. The room has a bed and a table with its walls being boxes of Anima di Chocolate.

On another note, I like her outfit.

Tune in next week as we end it with a triple-bang! The reason? YOU!

Be sweet,


3 Responses to Chocolate Damacy

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  2. […] The lyrics are handled by Miura Yoshiko, who has also written ANGERME’s “Nana Korobi Ya Oki,” along with a substantial amount of material for Buono! and Mano Erina. She also wrote Matsuura Aya’s final Hello! Project single, “Chocolate Damashii.” […]


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