Take Me to the Chocolate Disco

Warning: This delectable post contains YouTube videos which may cause sugar crashes.

It’s the most loveliest time of the year. *hides from the Grammar Police and dodges a tomato* Gimme a break! I gotta work it in somehow!

Valentine’s Day is in the air and it’s nearly been a year since M3’s comeback. Let’s celebrate in style with some Valentine’s Day PVs and reviews! Perfume, Ayaya, Kikka, let’s bathe ourselves in chocolate sweetness!
First off is that very famous trio from Hiroshima that was one of the hallmarks of change in the scope of female J-Pop: Perfume.

I became familiar with Perfume when I saw a Flash at deviantART (I know the name’s stylization has changed, but it’s what I’ve known it for 9 years) that used a snippet of the chorus. (I think it’s this one, but due to obvious copyright reasons, the song’s changed.)

Later on, I decided to take a look at the trio and became enamored with their music.

Yet the process of making this post led to me discovering the PV for this song. (I think the first Perfume PV I actively saw was “One Room Disco,” but this was far after I had gotten to them.)

A cute injection of electro-pop from the Yasutaka era, a midway point between the early Yasutaka era and the current hardcore electro era. The PV itself is a laser light show of fun with Perfume sporting appropriately stylish outfits. Adding to the surreal and fun nightclub-like atmosphere are the rotating pentagonal “rooms” and mirror sets. Besides, nothing can go wrong as far as Perfume is concerned. (Let’s not get into a certain scandal that happens years down the line, ok?)

Anyway, stay tuned for next week as we say “Hello!” to an H!P Valentine’s classic.

Be sweet,



2 Responses to Take Me to the Chocolate Disco

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  2. […] Day festivities. In 2015, it was celebrated with the Chocolate Soul Disco miniseries, spotlighting Perfume, Matsuura Aya, and Kikkawa You. Unfortunately, the occasion wasn’t “marked” in […]


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