L’arc-en-ciel en rose

Warning: This post features a lot of YouTube videos which may make some browsers freeze and crash.

Usa-chan and Ryusa-chan - Peace!
A new year’s greetings to the Magical Meteorites, Earthlings, and other citizens of the universe!

To start 2015 off here at M3, we’re going to celebrate the birthday of one of my most beloved characters (Dragonbunny “DB” Cosmo-Rose a la mode—there’s a reason she has that name, trust me—from my upcoming webcomic LOVEBANG). To do so, I’m going to pay tribute to a song that pretty much sealed her fate, that shaped a good deal of the crafting of her character: Rainbow Pink.

Ah yes, Rainbow Pink. Remember when I said that idols can have a way with the psyche and can even be a source of artistic inspiration in addition to personal? Well, besides the idolpire who cutely spams the blog’s artwork with her presence, DB (or rather, her alter-ego Rainbow Pink) is an example of that.

Flashback to 2006 and the release of Morning Musume’s aptly titled seventh album, Rainbow 7. I was still in the midst of my Koharu fandom, which was the main attraction of mine to this song. It was so cute and sweet that it became a quick favorite of mine, even if I couldn’t stand Sayumi’s voice at the time. It even inspired an insane idea, a Magical Girl alter-ego for a character I’ve recently created that year. (Considering just about every female character I make seems to be a Magical Girl in some shape or form, that’s saying a lot.)

Thus came Rainbow Pink, who was meant to be part of a series/series within a series that spoofed the MG genre. Like its parent series, the concept waxed and waned and will be revisited upon the comic’s hopeful revival later this year. (I’m aiming for it. There may be a slim chance, but it never hurts to have goals, right?)

Anyway, you didn’t come here to read about how a Morning Musume song became warped in my already warped mind. You came for Shigepink and Kohapink with a touch of Eripink.

The First Pinking

Here’s the Pink in its original form:

Here’s a more recent version featuring Eripink in place of the graduated Kohapink. (In my opinion, Eripon does a better job.)

I’ll leave you with Hagipink and Airipink! It is a little weird to see them and hear them like this, especially since Airi is regarded as one of the consummate divas in H!P.

And it gets cuter with Satopink!

And if you thought that was weird, check out Hitopink and Mikipink! (Ham it up, girls!)

After the First Pinking

As far as the Sayu/Koha collaboration goes, this wasn’t the last we’ve seen of Rainbow Pink the unit.

After the debut song, the girls released their second song on the Christmas mini-album: Wa~ Merry Pin Xmas!

Sayu would later be joined in the pink shenanigans by Takitty…

…and Kanonpink.

This ended up being performed by now-former Kenshuusei Maeda Irori and Arai Manami in 2011.

The duo would do one last song for the eighth album, Sexy 8 Beat: Takara no Hako, which is a departure from their usual fare as it’s a ballad.

Afterwards, we wouldn’t see any more from the collaboration and with Koharu’s graduation in 2009 and Sayumi’s graduation in 2014, we can safely say that Rainbow Pink is dead.

…Or is it? As the above videos show, the spirit of the RP continue to endure past the graduations. Who knows if we see the song performed with a new “lineup”?
See you later.

Bye bye-pink!


P.S. This is your last chance to respond to (or update your responses to) the Michishige Sayumemorial Survey (http://goo.gl/forms/SN4xlTxPk3 | http://goo.gl/forms/ovnwdQTocs | http://wp.me/ptqog-k4) before I close it to work on its results post!

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