525,600 Minutes to 2015’s Midnight

525,600 minutes
525,600 minutes so dear
525,600 minutes
How do you measure, measure a year?

Heh… Even after dropping the LP gimmick, I still reference their then-recent album. The more things change, the more they stay the same…

Anyway, welcome to you Magical Meteorites and other citizens of the universe!

We’ve come to the end of the year, the last legs of 2014. It’s hard to believe it’s almost time again as year-end posts are flooding Idolminded and Tumblr (and then some). Well, allow me to add to the deluge with this post! It’s been a wild ride this year, the year of the return of Morning Meteora so there’s a lot to discuss… or not.

In addition to this special Ping Pong Pinpoint post, I meant to make a post on Tumblr this past weekend regarding blog stats and whatnot. However, I was too busy with guest comics to remember. (If you want to see them, they’re up on DeviantArt and Tumblr―or in the case of one, on the site itself!) Fortunately, the helpful “WordPress.com stats helper monkeys” were nice enough to provide a full comprehensive report just the other day! Check it out! Though you can take them with a grain of salt. Most of the comments are pingbacks.

On that note, part of this was meant to be the post signifying the beginning of the third quarter, but I was unsatisfied with how short it was so it was (rather fortunately) replaced by a post about the Golden Girls.

Well, are you ready to rock? Let’s roll!

Quarter 1

525,600 minutes… to 2015’s midnight.




This quarter is also covered in the following post: Ping Pong Pinpoint Precision Past Perspective – Part VI.

Quarter 2

394,200 minutes… to 2015’s midnight.




This quarter is also covered in the following post: Halfway through….

Quarter 3

262,800 Minutes to 2015’s midnight.

With the first two quarters down, let’s recap what happened in the 3rd quarter.




Quarter 4

131,400 Minutes to 2015’s midnight.



  • 4: Barely a day before the unveiling of the Country Girls, more Kenshuusei have graduated “finished their training”: Tanabe Nanami and Yoshihashi Kurumi. As you might’ve hinted at in previous posts, this left me cheesed off as I was really hoping Tanabe would debut. Her path through the Egg/KSS sea was unconventional but showed a lot of promise. I mean, she was the previous exam winner and thus showed a lot of her style. I betcha she’s going to end up in the 48G very soon. (Sorry, I wrote this bit as it happened and I was trying to contain my saltiness. Very rarely do Egg Departures leave me feeling burned.)
  • 26: After Sayumi’s graduation, Fukumura Mizuki was promoted to leader with Ikuta Erina taking her place as sub-leader.
  • 25: I complete my TLS challenge to be blogging in six months, followed with a public musing on every blogger’s dilemma.


  • 17: S/mileage’s new name was revealed: ANGERME. Now, it’s not “anger-me,” it’s more like “ange-rme” (or rather “an-germ”) as it’s a portmanteau of “ange” (angel) and “larme” (tear). As someone who has some competency in French, I’ve found the name somewhat awkward to say regardless. I must be honest: I was quite upset and disappointed at the name, hoping it was a joke. (Ah, Kat. 10 years and you learned nothing about H!P and their “announcements.”) Granted, one can understand the name change as their image was becoming quite mature and do you really want to know that a song like “Mystery Night” was performed by a group whose name has the word “smile” in it? One can say that I have no reason to complain as I’m prone to name changes myself. (I wanted to abandon the “Asukki-chan” name about a year after I adopted it, mainly due to the fact the namesake wasn’t my alter-ego/mascot anymore. Now, it’s more of a “legacy” name if anything. Plus, name changes on dA require a subscription, which I can’t do at the moment so I’m going to be Asukki for a while longer.) Anyway, their first single’s been announced and we’ll just wait and see what happens with these angels. Somebody stop me from getting ideas regarding May-May.
  • 27: Junjun joined the married crowd.
  • 28: The Kenshuusei are recruiting!

There’s probably more news to come, but that’s a post for another time.

I’ve already done so on Tumblr, but I’m willing to open it up here: Have any suggestions for future topics? As Morning Meteora as an entity celebrates its 7th anniversary, I want it to get to an amazing start (restart, even). I’m also open for questions and suggestions regarding me or M3. Feel free to drop me a line in…

Here’s to a year more magical than the last!


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