Blog Notice: 12/2014

Greetings to all of the Magical Meteorites, Earthlings, and other citizens of the universe.

Time for something a little more serious.

I really don’t like to put this front and center, but in addition to my artistic pursuits, I’ve also been looking for work. For the past few weeks, I’ve been busting brain cells over how to follow Serenyty’s advice and incorporate the blog into my job search efforts. (I almost credited the wrong person as she too incorporated it into her career building. Barely helps that save for a “few” letters, their names are similar.)

Why did I get on the bandwagon? Well, allow me to get the painfully honest answer out of the way: As Serenyty said (and I constantly quote whenever I bring this up)…

…if you are anything like me, following idols is a hobby that takes a good amount of time in your life. If you’re spending so much time on this hobby, why not make it look constructive?

Considering that I intend to enter the media industry and engage on cultural criticism via my art (which partially ties to this blog), I took a big chance and added a bit about the blog on my resume and LinkedIn profile. (It has provided me with a lot of marketable skills, after all.)

Another reason is that as mentioned in the new about section on Kathartic Bohemia (which is based on an updated About page I’m crafting for M3), Magic Morning Meteora was the first official use of my nom de plume. “Magi-Kat” was meant to be my artist name and frankly was never intended to be used as a blogging moniker as well. In addition, its first incarnation partially began as an exercise of skills I would learn and use in my “Creative Writing/Journalism” free elective class in high school. (In addition, if not for the fact I signed up for Honors Physics, I would’ve also taken a “Digital News Gathering” course as well.) I will admit though that in spite of the fact I enjoyed the class immensely, I learned a lot more about journalism and even digital news gathering through blogging.  It even helped in the ” creative writing”  department and I do somewhat attribute the bump in the quality of my scripts to the blog.

However, it is now a part of my personal brand and is far too ingrained to be separated. May-May is a good example of how my artistic and blogging pursuits, along with my idol and music fandom, collided. The worst thing about it is that she came about almost independently of my blogging―she’s the result of a fandom in-joke. (The recent news regarding her inspiration’s parent group is threatening to inject further inspiration into her concept.) Another is one that will be seen in the future and one intention down the line is to make posts that tie into it (in addition to the common fare on this site, that is).

This is also why M3 will be sporting a new look in the future (this month at the earliest, early 2015 at the latest). This is especially since not only is this theme incredibly dated and becoming increasingly constrictive, it’s so old it’s been retired:

Of course, if you follow me on Twitter, some of the above is common knowledge now.
In addition, the new and improved M3 will sport features like:

  • A proper gallery page to showcase art made specially for the blog. I had a gallery widget all set up, but I’m beginning to think that it may not serve my needs down the line. (I know you guys don’t really come here for the art, but humor me here.)
  • A revamped about page. The previous one was from 2009 and the current one is based on one that was supposed to go live around M3’s Cake Day. However, about a month later, I crafted an even better, more focused one that is less… confusing than that one.
  • A proper contact page. It is nice to feature one as a sidebar widget, but I’m beginning to feel it is getting lost in the clutter that is the fact this theme can only support one sidebar. (This is why I’m looking towards that theme, along with its customizable nature. One possible downside is the fact that it seems to be the exact same theme used on Morningtime. A lovely source of traffic (the fifth highest referrer, after Idolminded, Search Engines, Twitter, and WordPress), but it might be a little confusing.) Plus, it’s considered more professional to have a contact page anyway.
  • Page listing series and possibly a sitemap, due to how complex the blog is becoming. Between the various genres covered and the increasing amount of features, it must be nightmarish to try to make sense of it all. Besides weren’t it be nice if you can access all the reviews, analyses, essays, rants, and other stuff in their respective sections? I’m still quite open to ideas.

In addition, after I finish the following posts…

  • Idols and the Job Hunt, a post about various lessons from the idol scene that can be of benefit to the job seeker that was originally part of this post. Coming next week!
  • A year-end news digest coming later this month.
  • A post about Rainbow Pink, coming in mid-January.
  • The official unveiling of the Berryz Memorial Survey, coming in late January.
  • A special Valentine’s series to commemorate the one year anniversary of the blog’s revival, starting at the end of January.

…I will be taking a small “winter recess” to focus on my personal and professional life. (In fact, I’m currently on a semi-hiatus already to work on some guest comics. I’ve already finished one and is brainstorming the other. Wish me luck!)

Counting the Stay Tuned post, I have made 66+ posts on the blog this year alone. I had considered taking a break to focus on certain things but leaving you guys on a summer lead-in ate at me and then news started to come in during the fall. Plus, I wanted to take a hiatus when I have at least one post that can qualify as an “evergreen post” as the newsy nature of most of the recent content quickly dated it. While it might be a bad idea to take a break right when the year ends (when the blogosphere and music scene are prepping for big things), it is necessary to recharge and I’m beginning to feel that the non-stop nature of my posting is beginning to hurt the quality of my posts.

Expect these posts to come in the future:

  • A post about “robotic” processing and the EDM trend, inspired by a recent article about Stephen Hawking.
  • Monthly detours spotlighting a music release/genre that doesn’t involve idoldom. I’ve long thought about highlighting other genres and such a la the Christmas rock albums to give further insight into my quirky tastes. However, the focus will still be on the idols (and the diversions will only serve to show the in perspective). They’ve been a constant in the fickle J-music soundscape, which is why I remain an H!P fan to this day.

And just maybe, depending on factors:

  • A post about the whims and wishes of fandom upon a “fairy godmother”-like figure.
  • A post about idol voices, inspired by a post on the old blog.
  • A new feature called Room Interviews where I interview people. Details will be provided when the time comes.
  • A question and answer post. Since the blog is a bit more established now, the response should be far more improved, even with the increasingly splintered nature of idol fandom (especially in the J-idol department).

Happy holidays and see you in 2015 (and wish me luck)!



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