Who Wants to Be a Christmas Beau?

Seasons greetings to the Magical Meteorites, Earthlings, and the other folk in the stratosphere to a special series: Jingle Bell Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree. Initially, the series was meant to spotlight Christmas presents of yore (hence the ridiculously long title that references two oldies but goodies). However, I’ve decided not to let my idol-minded readers be left in the cold this holiday season so they get treated too!

Therefore, Mondays are Morning Mondays where “Jingle Belles Rock!” Every Monday, a different idol Christmas standard gets spotlighted.

Tuesdays are Twilight Tuesdays where we’ll be “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree,” looking at past Christmas presents (the ones that can be reviewed on a music blog mainly centered toward Asian music, at least). As you can somewhat guess from the title and the fact I had to compensate for the idol readers, most of them fall in the J-rock category. (As such, this part of the series begins tomorrow with none other than Puffy AmiYumi.)

What?! Another non-idol post?! What the heck happened to your focus, Kat?!
Since I reached a milestone (and even before it), I thought I’d diversify my content a bit. Bite me.

So without further ado, let’s get this party started with none other than Petit Moni! Namely, the immortal Pittari Shitai X’mas!

About Petit Moni
Or “Petit Moni’s Chapter from Magi-Kat’s Magically Meteoric Guide to the H!P Galaxy for the Hitchhiker

Petit Moni (or Petitmoni, Pucchimoni, etc; I’m spelling it this way to match how I write “Mini Moni”) was the second sub-group formed from Morning Musume. It was formed in 1999 with 2nd Gen members Yasuda Kei and Ichii Sayaka and 3rd Gen member Goto Maki. In spite of the classicness of this lineup, this only lasted for one single (the acclaimed “Chokotto LOVE”) before Ichii graduated from the Project in 2000.

The group continued on to its just-as-renowned lineup with 4th Gen member Yoshizawa Hitomi. This was the longest lineup and maybe even the most notable for that reason. (To me, both lineups are legends in my book.) However, this lasted until 2002 or so when Goto graduated from Morning Musume and Yasuda would end up graduating from Petit Moni as well.

The group would then be reincarnated into a new lineup featuring Yossy, 5th Gen member Ogawa Makoto, and Coconuts Musume member Ayaka. However, this lineup wouldn’t last long and most would be hard pressed to know of its existence if only for two songs: an original song called “WOW WOW WOW” and a remake of “Chokotto LOVE.”

After years of inactivity, the group was revived in 2009 as Petitmoni V (inconsistent spelling is inconsistent) with C-uties Nakajima Saki and Hagiwara Mai and soloist Mano Erina. This lineup recorded a cover song for the Chanpuru album and a brand new song that featured on Petit Best 10 before fading into obscurity (helped little by Manoeri’s graduation in 2013).

About the Single


  1. Pittari Shitai X’mas!
  2. Yume no “Tsu.zu.ki”
  3. Pittari Shitai X’mas! (Instrumental)

Released on November 14, 2001, this was the fourth single for Petit Moni and the third for this lineup. You wouldn’t believe this (or want to believe it), but this was also their last single released ever. Yes, ever. (They did release some album-only material, which was pretty much how the subsequent lineups put stuff out.)

Sales weren’t much of an issue since the three members were draws anyway (especially Gomaki). 300,320 units were sold overall with 165,110 sold in the first week, peaking #2 on the Oricon charts.

Now to the Song (and the PV)!

In this classic, Petit Moni sing about their Christmas wishes. We see our girls hope and wish and do their day jobs… in between animated sequences that should be in a Parappa game. (How funny since a future installment deals with an album whose cover is designed by Rodney Greenblat, one of my favorite artists.)

I’d hate to say it, but I find myself relating to the lyrics somewhat. Eh, let’s not talk about Christmas cake, shall we?


At the end of their partying, our girls rest, hoping for Christmas dreams. It’s an H!P classic, one that even got its own remix…

My favorite track is the Renai Revolution 21 remix, but I digress…

…But you can’t go wrong with veterans like Goto Maki, Yasuda Kei, and Yoshizawa Hitomi. Here’s a pop quiz: Which one isn’t married? (I’ll give you a hint: She’s probably the most familiar to newer fans.)

Just like its Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree Twilight Tuesday counterpart, there is going to be a poll to decide the next subject:

As for tomorrow, we make nice-nice with Puffy AmiYumi. Anything is possible!

― Magi-Kat

P.S. The Michishige Sayumemorial Survey‘s been updated with additional content! You can now vote on album songs and provide more intricate insight into Usa-chan’s tenure and the era it represented. Those that already responded can edit their answers to reflect these changes.




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