C-uties missing THE FUTURE

Welcome, Magical Meteorites and greetings to any earthlings that stop by to another edition of Morning Twilight! After tackling the Berryz’s swan song single, we’re going to dive into the autumn release from the cuties: I miss you/THE FUTURE!

I miss you

Welcome to the Hotel C-ute-ifornia and let the sideshow begin with side A: I miss you.

The Song

I miss you begins with an electro-R&B flair before going further into the dancefloor. It is a somber lament. Vocally speaking, the girls alternate as they song.

We descend into a dubstep-like interlude before going light.

I also detect a classical influence on the arrangement. “I also wonder who else is going to read the hiatus into this song?,” I asked myself.

The PV

We continue to have the jewel effect with the C-uties here. I will admit that this must’ve been a somewhat difficult video to sub, due to the complexities with the lyrical performances.

Visually, we see the C-uties at what appears to be a mansion. Unlike The Power, it’s a Western mansion.


We leave the Heartbreak Motel for a more… dark offering in THE FUTURE.

The Song

With THE FUTURE, we have a rockin’ electro-pop song with a jazzy bounciness. It also has a similar air to What is LOVE?

The PV

Our ladies look at themselves in the mirror, in between dancing on a stage. Mirrors and sparklers are a big theme in this PV, between their reflective outfits and the mirrors.

Final Thoughts


  • The two songs come together to tell a story: THE FUTURE almost seems like an answer to “I miss you,” saying “Quit your whining and go towards THE FUTURE.”

Here’s to THE FUTURE.

Bye Bye Bye,
― Magi-Kat



3 Responses to C-uties missing THE FUTURE

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