Thanks for the Memories

Welcome, Magical Meteorites and greetings to any earthlings that stop by. Salutations to all to another edition of Morning Twilight! What is Morning Twilight? In a nutshell, it’s the branding for all of the reviews on the blog, something that can more easily done in WordPress than Vox, lol. Why an I bring this up now? Because I needed a reminder and some are probably wondering what that category is all about.

I would also like to extend my thanks to all who wished me a happy anniversary. I wanted to do more, but October was an emotionally exhausting month for me and I was somewhat busy anyway. I have something planned in the future and there is going to be another sequel post coming, so stay tuned.

Anyway, back to business. This post is about the final single from the Workshop.

Romance wo Katatte

Caught in a white romance… Sorry, had to do it.

The Song

Beginning with a bell chiming, we are lulled into a false sense of balladhood with light guitars before showing its true colors as a mid-tempo.

Instead, this is a mid-tempo ballad which has a holiday-like feel with its romantic mood and the bells.

If not for this being one half of the farewell single, you’d be hard-pressed to believe this would be a Christmas release.

The PV

The opening visual resembles a kaleidoscope before we get a near-Wizard of Oz-like effect with us beginning (for the most poart) in black and white before going into color. (We occasionally shift into black and white at certain times.)

I liked the kaleidoscope effects done in this MV, used creatively and akin to a jewel. The set itself is a relaxing sparkle of stars with the solo shots being in ambience of stars and delicate sparkles. (Then again, you shouldn’t trust something like this from me. You’ve all seen the Six Month anniversary pic for this blog’s revival after all.)

Towa no Uta

Say yeah! We come to the second part of this release.

The Song

It was bad (or good) enough that the covers evoked Buono! or Berryz in their rocker moods. (On another note, the “oohs” in the background reminded me of Buono!)

To go with the wintry, romantic mid-tempo ballad that is the other A-side, this is the perfect thing to balance it out: a rocker that’ll pump up the crowd. It has some electric stylings, but it’s not as overbearing as it would be in the current era. They’re light and delicate, only existing to add to the sound and mood of the song.

The PV

We see our ladies in their plaid gear, rocking out on a stage. Their close-up shots are on colored backgrounds (save for a sky background) or on a stage.

A lovely effect effect done during the chorus was splicing the footage of our girls with old concert footage (in sepia tone), further adding to the theme of the song.

It almost feels like Jishin Motte Yume wo Motte Tobidasu Kara with its feelings of remembrance and looking towards the future. *passes out tissues*

Final Thoughts


  • The two songs form a full package to send off the Berryz with. Where Romance was a Christmas song in appearance, one can take it to refer to the love between an idol and her public. Towa no Uta was a lighthearted celebration of their years (far more upbeat than Fuutsu 10nen, that’s for sure).

This is quite a sendoff to a great group. I feel honored to have been there along for the ride through these years (even if my fandom waned and been a passive participant).

Here’s to the future. Thanks fir the Methodists Thanks for the memories, Berryz.

Bye Bye Mata ne,
― Magi-Kat


Congrats from Magi-Kat.
P.S.S. Here is an obligatory reminder regarding the Berryz poll and its release.



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