Madonna in WONDERland

Some time ago, I was reading the blog on Crazy Sunshine and came across a post about a new J-pop group: xxx of WONDER. As a primarily J-Pop beat blogger, I am obligated to talk about this and their PV (which I meant to mention in a comment I was hoping to post).

They uploaded their first PV from their debut mini-album “WONDER of WONDER” (released on June 18), “Meisekimu Madonna” (明晰夢マドンナ).

Before I get into the PV, here’s a description of the group courtesy of the post:

  • Nanba Shino, a singer who has released multiple mini albums and worked on projects with other famous artists like Hyadain.
  • Dr. Usui, a musician who worked on many CM arrangements and mostly know for his work on the Pretty Cure anime.
  • Fureneshi (Frenesi), a mysterious member who hides her face behind popular decorative her art and composed over 50 songs in just two years at age 20.
  • Kishida Meru (mellco), an exceptionally talented illustrator who has worked on games such as the Atelier series and So Ra No Wo To‘s character planning.
  • Julie Watai, a digital photographer, musician, model and more with a love for electronics, videogames, robots, and anything cute.

Now to the song!

The song is a pretty cute one. We are lured into the chorus before going into the fluffy dreaminess of the main song. The verse takes a breather in sound while Shino delivers rapid fire lyrics before slowing down towards the chorus.

Shino’s vocals (which I’ve become familiar with thanks to friends showing me Fairy Tail) take me back to the days I listened to Shibuya-kei. (Those days were revisited when I got into Yukari Fresh during my Junior year, capsule the following summer, and Perfume during my Senior year of high school. Heck, this take me back to those days. …I really need to expand my horizons.)
On another note, her face cutely reminds me of Shimizu Saki in face… and Doughface Takagi Sayuki from Ju=Ju, along with Kago-chan. …Yeah, really need to rediscover the world of J-Pop outside the idol stratosphere (part of why I made this post).

The visuals are bright and bubbly with the surreality of Kyary Whatshername. Well, not nearly as much – nothing can match the surreality of her PVs. When the band is together (if you aren’t triggered by the quick images), they’re in a white room with plain lightining. Now, the H!P fan in me would find it a little… vanilla, but it’s actually a good contrast to the aforementioned surreal visuals.

Like what you see and hear? Get the WONDERful mini-album “WONDER of WONDER,” out now.

Special thanks to Jkun for sharing this find. Allow me to return the favor by signal boosting your comic, artwork, and Patreon.
If you like girls, robots, beasts, angels, devils, ninjas, funnies, and everything in between, check out Crazy Sunshine the comic. You can start at the beginning of the comic or the beginning of the story. Also check out the video for the previous version of the Patreon campaign that better further explains the comic (complete with Jkun’s luscious accent).
If you’re an Evangelion fan, I also suggest looking at his current “Children of Adam” project.

See you, Space Cowboys and Girls! Until next time, Magical Meteorites and Earthlings.



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