Rätselsnacht H!P-mergence: Usa-chan’s Peace Before She’s Out

 To continue a theme of early posts coming full circle, might as well continue it all with a review of Sayumi’s final single.

If the above sentence bothers you, allow me to genuinely, non-ironically, semi-snarkily* hand you a panic button or two to press to express those feelings (or sum up the initial mood).


TIKI BUN TIKI BUN… seems to be omotpedia of a record scratch (a familiar sound if you’ve listened to old school H!P).

Overall, we seem to be going to the electric one room disco (in what appears to be the exact same set as “Oh Susukino”). We continue down the road of Electro Musume with lovechild of… too many songs to name.

…Why am I underwhelmed? I do really want to like the song (and it may or may not have been a mistake to read a review of the song prior to seeing the PV. On that note, it explains the “Chicky Boom”), but… I’m just underwhelmed. Maybe it’s the fact I’m reviewing it off the heels of the NYC concert everyone’s talking about or the addition of the new girls.
(That reminds me, S/mileage’s new name is due soon.)

Shaba Daba Do

Listening to the song now, the title makes sense. So Sayumi’s cutely scatting to an electro-jazzy beat.

Weirdly enough, I’m now reminded of the Shibuya-kei I listened to in my younger days. (Trivia: I started Morning Meteora months after getting into capsule and would check out Perfume months later. For a short time, I was into Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and considered listening to MEG because she did a cover of one of my favorite Cornelius songs.)

Sayumi may not be the best of singers, but darnit… she worked this song to the max! I’m almost sad she’s going, but it has to happen someday. Her cuteness and charm reminds me… oh gosh, was Sayu a subconscious influence on the development of one of my characters? Well, considering her alter-ego was named after and inspired by a somewhat famous duet song she’s in, it’s practically unavoidable.

Gah, Chayuuuu… mukyuun, you’re making me squeal with your effervescence. I’m gonna miss you~! ❤

Sorry for the tangents. I mean, what can be said about this jazzy cuteness of PAAAANK!?

Mikaeri Bijin

I’ve seen art and screenshots on Tumblr that sorta spoiled it for me… and a tweet.

I… don’t remember the last time I heard the group sing like this. (I know there’s albums to look at. Gomen.)

This song bring me to tears the longer I hear it. The feels level is akin to Dekiru Onna and the immortal Never Forget. There’s also the symbolism of the setting: Sayumi writing letters and leaving. You can also feel the happiness and sadness in this moment.

GAH! That last pose: The remaining Musume doing the extended hand pose, but this time… it’s like they’re reaching out to their departing leader. (I wonder who’ll be leader when Sayu’s gone. I really don’t want to speculate at this point, but it could most likely be Mizuki (going by seniority) or Harunan (going by age). We’ll see.)

inb4 this song is used in tribute OPVs (ditto with Shaba Daba Do).


On an overall note, this was a great single to close out the year. TIKI BUN is a little meh, but it’s a pretty good song to carry the sound further. Plus, it restores normalcy to this otherwise feels-laden single. Shaba Daba Do is a jazzy ball of cuteness that is enough to rival the Nakata family (read: anyone who’s had material produced by the guy and thus has the “Nakata sound,” i.e. capsule, Perfume, KPP, etc) and the Shibuya-kei (some of the artists of which (i.e. Fantastic Plastic Machine) moved on to a more “dance”-style sound).

Goodbye, Sayumi. I may not have gotten to see you in New York when I had the chance, but know that you are cherished and your legacy is secure.

What lies in the future? Well, we don’t know. After all, the future is a mystery night. 😉

Happy Rätselsnacht and Unruhnacht, everyone!

P.S. There’s totally a concert around Halloween, isn’t there? It’s totally gonna happen because it’s in the fall and we know how the Hello! Project narrative works like a Lovecraftian epic.

P.S.S. A Friendly Neighborhood Reminder



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