M³ Cake Day 2014 – An Introspective

6-Month Cake Day

On Oct 23, 2007, I joined Vox. I was naive, scared, excited, and everything in-between. I was a mere high school girl who was barely into her Senior year, an Alice plunging headfirst down into a rabbit hole towards a kaleidoscopic Wonderland of snark, sleaze, and symbol-worship.

About two days later, I made my first post (which is probably lost to the digital abyss following Vox’s demise – in fact, there were times where I regretted choosing Vox instead of WordPress or somewhere like that). I was excited yet scared, holding my breath in anticipation for the moment I had hoped for. After calming myself down, I continued on my pursuit, emulating the bloggers that inspired me while trying to carve my own niche.

One month later, it happened: I was covered on International Wota. Due to the fact I was getting ready for school that day, I couldn’t screencap that moment. I probably spent that day in an afterglow of euphoria in the realization that my efforts had borne fruit. Little did I know what a predicament I was in afterwards, what became after the fact. I had only planned for being covered on IW. What came next?

Well, many mentions followed depending on the post. I would sometimes devote myself to thought-out posts and yet consign myself to tiny ones whose length ate at me. After trying to promote my blog on deviantART, an audience that barely knew anything about idols, the blog’s focus went from the “Morning” to the “Meteora.”

Thus, a seesaw of jumbled confusion began as I desperately tried to find balance, a middle ground between two worlds. Then again, we’ve heard that expression before: “East is East, West is West, and ne’er the two shall meet.”

As Vox began to breathe its final breaths, I desperately searched for a place to call home again. At that point, I was already uprooted from the home I had been in since my early childhood (and will be uprooted again). Despite horror stories involving the site, I settled for WordPress. I was angry at what had happened, which was why the first post was full of venom. (I should’ve known better than to use an e-mail address that was losing its validity during the End of Days with Vox. As a matter of fact, this is the reason my move came at least a year before Vox’s end – and definitely plays a factor in how the old blog wasn’t moved in time. Fortunately, I still have the Word Documents I drafted my posts on so I guess I technically have some form of backups. However, enough about that.)


For years, this blog lied dormant in the recesses of cyberspace. With only two posts, it remained as desolate and frozen as a dead planet with only the obligatory welcome post by “Mr. WordPress” being the only feedback. It’s a wonder that anyone visited – and most of the visits in late 2013/early 2014 were me rediscovering this place.

However, after every winter comes a spring and not all slumbers are eternal. That is indeed the case with Morning Meteora, a blog I once thought lost (and thought I’d end up abandoning someday as I moved along towards my dream job as an animator don’t hold your breath on that bit). In early February, a test post was made, explaining my uncertainty and leaving a hub for my space on the Internet (which I was increasingly in need of). Not long afterwards, a formal post was made to commemorate the eventual return of Morning Meteora. Like a meteor, the blog crashed down to earth, remaining only as a cold rock. However, like an eagle a phoenix, it shall rise again.

Around the time of my return to WordPress, I had joined the ranks of Facebook and Twitter (mostly for job hunting purposes) and thought I’d get word out regarding M3’s rebirth through the latter medium. Little did I know that in my naive, well-meant desire to keep track of one of my favorite sites, I’d end up having destiny collide (and unlike last time, the blog was noticed on artificial, selfish terms). The result was predictable as I’d go to Idolminded (as I have the J-Pop♀ section bookmarked) the next day and notice that two familiar tag lines (and just like old times, I seem to attract the typoist in Ray *burns sage to prevent further bad juju* I may be into Magical Girls, witches, magic, and the like (not helped by the fact that I was somewhat named after a song said to be “about a Welsh witch”), but I would’ve chosen my name more wisely had I known it carried a “typoing hex”! …Or maybe I’m overreacting. lol).

And so, I went on posting. It was minor news-related things like Tsunku’s cancer diagnosis, the audition announcements, and Sayumi’s impending graduation. However, the results of my poll came and thus my fate was sealed for the rest of spring: the M3P3 Precision Past Perspective series was greenlit for production. It was a long and arduous, but overall fun task to review the PVs from past to present. I will admit that it was somewhat awkward for the first few installments, due to me covering acts that are no longer heard of (namely Buono and Mano Erina). However, it was fun to see the ride through to the end (barring the surprise interruption to the flow due to current events).

Around the time of the end, I had considered taking the summer off. However, part of me felt unsatisfied with leading the public on with this grand series and then leaving it to fend for itself for about three months, especially since I made a post to commemorate the halfway point of the year. (Trivia: the single posts were originally meant to be blurbs on the post, but I felt I couldn’t do it justice after writing the PPP series.) After writing a bunch of posts to play catch up with the other singles released in the first half (and I think I might’ve missed one or two), I compiled a list of numbers and ended up with one extra. That extra one became a summer themed post that kicked off the Summer Refreshment series, inspired by the Intl Wota Summer Refreshment Program. (Trivia: the intended amount of posts was the intended amount of posts in the namesake series. Ironically, the series was almost met with the same fate as its namesake.)

After the high that was summer, we come down onto fall in a big way in September: we begin with idols getting injured and dying left and right (which carries extra weight as we were still mourning the deaths of various stars that died around that time as well). In hindsight, I should’ve pushed back the great finale of the Summer Refreshment series a bit, even if it’d miss the Harvest Moon if I did. Fortunately, the month ends on a more hopeful note with the introduction of the 12th Generation of Morning Musume.

Fall was off to a rough start for me, but I at least tried to adapt. I fell to my old loves, writing about my Morning Musume fandom and trying to raise awareness for a little-known UFA acts, seeking solace in music as it’s time to face the change (ch-ch-changes) and accepting my madness. I tried to work on posts when I could, when I (among other things) wasn’t bombarded by the things my friends wanted to stream. (Indeed, it’s a miracle I’m able to somewhat remain on schedule. Thank goodness I have a habit of multitasking and (more helpfully) scheduling my posts ahead of time.)

Now, as this Rip Van Winkle tries to re-enter the world after her long slumber, I look with clear eyes at how things have changed. Granted, I have been keeping up with current events and I realize now the hidden benefits of my pilgrimage. One of them is a further established place for you idol-minded readers to read my thoughts on the world.

tl;dr Happy Bloggerversary to me. While the WordPress blog began on Cake Day 2009, my blogger days began with the day I signed up with Vox. Here’s to the future.

M3 Cake Day 2014

M³ Meditation Mantra: What do you think about on your “cake day”?

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