10/16: Tsunku’s “C-word” is in the “R word”

Since the Golden Audition post got a follow-up post, might as well give one to the “C-Word” post.


It has been announced recently that Tsunku’s cancer is in complete remission (thanks Isilie and the rest of the Internet). The treatment―six months of chemotherapy and radiation―has gone well. Due to his voice not being in the best condition however, he will continue to be out of the public eye for the time being. (Of course, he will continue to be involved in the activities of H!P.)

I’m glad Tsunku’s been doing well for the news filled us with quite a scare (and is probably possible for the rather retrospective and introspective nature of the releases this year). Who knows if this had any influence on the intense changes happening in H!P as of late (the S/mileage remodeling project, the Berryz’s impending hiatus, Sayu’s graduation, etc)? Whatever’ll happen, we have some good news to come of this. We look forward to hearing more of your unique vocals, Tsunku!

On that note, whose voice captures your fancy the most? What Tsunku vocal moment is memorable to you? Is there a Hello! Project idol you sound like? If so, who and why?

See you, Space Cowboys and Girls! Until next time, Magical Meteorites and Earthlings.

Update: Belay that. Spoke too soon! The cancer’s back.



One Response to 10/16: Tsunku’s “C-word” is in the “R word”

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