Howl at the Moonlit Night, Everybody


“Follow your inner moonlight; don’t hide the madness.”

Allen Ginsberg

It’s super-rare I do anything based on the Daily Posts, but that quote and the associated prompt stuck out to me. Plus, Mad Hatter Day was a while ago and a tricky, treaty, spooky atmosphere is in the air so while the Hunter’s Moon shines bright, let’s enjoy this night.

Do you follow Ginsberg’s advice — in your writing and/or in your everyday life?

The easy answer is yes. Yes, I sometimes try to dress it up for appearance/professionalism’s sake (especially as a renai hunter), but as much as I am ruled by the Sun, Pink Floyd said it best:

…Everything under the Sun is in tune, but the Sun is eclipsed by the Moon.

One wonders what would make someone blog about idols or whatnot. What possessed me to tackle this, knowing only a few of the people reading this would care about what I actually write about? (My apologies to those perplexed by the idol-riffic nature of this blog, but if you have any questions, the Magic Box for the Public Vox is open. Just look to the side, but a dedicated page will definitely be a must come the inevitable revamp.)

Knowing that there are many WordPress J-idol bloggers around, what form of insanity made me do this?

That is a question often asked of us. As a matter of fact, to go against what I was ranting about in a future S/mileage post (if this gets posted before it, it’s basically me complaining about the fact my habit of pinging back to IM pretty much spammed the Recent Comments section with links to the blog and virtually nobody is commenting there as much as they used to. I highly recommend not clicking that link until the post is up), an Idol Thought ponders on how to explain the obsession.

How do we come out of the wota closet* (so to speak) about our obsession with idols, a love that is not often understood by the general public (let alone fellow Japanophiles)? When I went on an outing to a college with a friend months ago, in the midst of being surrounded by gaming anime fans, only one was into idols―K-Pop idols. (Fortunately, I took the opportunity to pimp Idolminded so hopefully, we have one more avid reader of content, even if he’ll probably never read this blog… save for probably a few articles.) My family knows (to their delight and chagrin) that I’m an avid Morning Musume/Hello! Project fan. (One time, my dad sang a portion of “Happy Birthday” in a manner parodying Momusu.) My friends know I’m into idols, between the various references I make in my art to the fact that I often have them look over my posts before I post them. It helps that I’m surrounded by geeks anyway and once found common ground with Yaguchi’s One Piece connection.)

Trick Question: Who among this lineup will be left at the end of the year?

We see our Moon Bunnies dance away all impurity before the Moon Emissaries take our Shining Princesses away. We follow the moonlight and chase the rabbits in fluffy dresses, all in the name of our idolatry.  In that moment, we are all lunatics on the grass as our idols dance in the dark. When the song/performance ends, we return to the waking world and the reality. It’s like waking from a dream (a feeling many of the pilgrims probably experienced after the New York concert). I strive to be honest and true, flying my freak flag unabashedly (which is actually a theme in one of my projects), yet I too fall into the trap of pondering whether to hide my madness behind a mask. Oh, yet another fret for me.

Forgiveness in advance for the dance.

There are even moments when I fear Tweeting about my eccentric obsessions (especially idols) for fear of alienating my Facebook friends. (This is something considering many of them are friends from high school, a magnet school centering around the arts in which everyone has a self-declared “major.” In case you can’t tell, mine was Art. This of course means that everyone there has some degree of quirkiness to them.)

‘Oh, you ca’n’t help that,’ said the Cat: ‘we’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad.’
‘How do you know I’m mad?’ said Alice.
‘You must be,’ said the Cat, ‘or you wouldn’t have come here.’
Alice didn’t think that proved it at all : however, she went on: ‘And how do you know that you’re mad?’

How do we know we are mad for the things we like, the things most consider oddballish? It should be obvious: We like the things most would turn away from. However, what form of madness drives us towards such a weird hobby and desire? Then again, I got a lot of flak for my obsession with The Powerpuff Girls (which skyrocketed in 2002 in response to the movie hype before suffering a sudden blow when the show was cancelled in 2005). On the bright side, I’ve found many of my friends in the fandom and I seem to run into fans wherever I go, even without knowing they’re fans.

Same with wota: I viewed myself in the minority among my fellow Japanophiles, both online and off… until I discovered the blogging scene. As someone ruled by the Sun, do I hide my moonlight under a mask, destroying it with the sunlight of my persona? Would the Sun destroy my Shadow? Should I be normal? (A question I often ponder.) Mad Hatter Day is long gone and the full moon phase is ending (with the eclipse having passed) so why am I writing on an old topic?

Then again, if you’re a wota, otaku, geek, nerd, freak, or anything else, it’s Mad Hatter Day everyday―and it’s a moonlight night every night.

In honor of today’s occasion, here’s a special video to end this:

Forgiveness in advance for the dance and lyrics.
If you’re lost, may I direct your attention to this post on Wota in Translation (and the discussion comments therein), along with the responses on Konno’s Story and the Selective Hearing Roundtable (which is topic #3).
*No matter where you are on the spectrum or whether you are closeted or out, I am an ally (a friend, even).

Dance originally, Magical Meteorites and Earthlings.
― Magi-Kat

P.S. How appropriate it is for this to be the 50th post on the WordPress blog (counting the first two posts from 2009 and the retcon-worthy “Stay Tuned” post).



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