Our Belief Will Save Us! Farewell to All the Pains Behind Memories

In a previous post, I spoke about Eric Fukusaki’s time in Alma Kaminiito. In this post, I will speak about his solo debut single: the triple A-side Shinjiru Mono ni Sukuwareru / Subete no Kanashimi ni Sayonarasuru tame ni / Tsuioku.


  1. Shinjiru Mono ni Sukuwareru
  2. Subete no Kanashimi ni Sayonarasuru tame ni
  3. Tsuioku
  4. Shinjiru Mono ni Sukuwareru
  5. Subete no Kanashimi ni Sayonarasuru tame ni
  6. Tsuioku

A triple cover single, it was released on April 9th, 2014.

Shinjiru Mono ni Sukuwareru

This Tanimura Yumi cover of an A-side is an EDM song in the vein of later Manoeri (in fact, I was reminded of “Song for the DATE”), recent MM, or (to continue the Sato Movement theme) DIY. It’s a pretty danceable song and definitely a change from the usual ALMA KAMINIITO fare. (Sadly, for anyone left hungering, this is the only one of this caliber. The other A-side are more “familiar” in sound.)

The PV itself is relatively simple: Eric dancing in front of a light in a semi-dark room. However, there are lot of effects between the various colors, the greyscale shots, and the silhouettes.

On another note, the song was used as the opening theme for two Nippon Television programs and a Sapporo Television program for the month of the single’s release.

Subete no Kanashimi ni Sayonarasuru tame ni

Grab a drink because this A-side is a seven-minute doozy.

This A-side, a KAN cover, is a ballad. The verses are gentle before heading into power ballad territory during the chorus. During these moments, Eric’s vocal strength is shown. (I really see an H!P artist trying to take a crack at this. Then again, I’ve been in this wonderland for over a decade.)

We begin with Eric walking near a river. The subtitles are a little awkward in some places (though it is a lot to say for those little lines). We then see Eric in car during the second verse and then a field for the second chorus and bridge. Running towards a beach during the guitar solo, we finally see him on the shore for the rest of the song. It *would* a little strange if not for it being an epic bit of ear candy.

It’s seven minutes well-spent.


Our third and final A-side is STARDUST REVUE cover. This song is a ballad, even more solemn than “Subete no Kanashimi….” I say that both in terms of the music and the lyrics.

“If you touch me once again in my dreams
I may forgive you, I have that feeling”

The PV is one a “behind-the-scenes” variety, showing the recording, writing, and production processes. We also see cover art being photographed. (I thought it was strange to see Eric being photographed until I realized that it’s the same setting and outfit as the cover art.)

On that note… Eric’s face during the scenes with him recording… it’s almost a look of pain.

In Conclusion

If we start with Subete, it’s an energetic start to an otherwise thoughtful single. One might make out the lyrics of all three to be a comment on his time as half a duo and his budding career (with each A-side growing more solemn). It looks like an interesting beginning to a promising solo career. However, no further material seems to have been announced (even with the crooner’s massive fanbase).

But we’ll see.

Nos vemos, meteoritos mágicos y terrícolas.




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