Chapter 2[01]4 – Change Returns Success

A movement is accomplished in six stages
And the seventh brings return
For seven is the number of the young light
It forms when darkness is increased by one

This has been a year of big changes within H!P, the entire idol world… and myself. There are earth-shaking changes happening in life and I see it everywhere. I’d rather not get into it (even if life has a way of worming itself into my idolatry).

As for H!P, we’ve seen a Musume announce her graduation and the very recent disbandment “indefinite hiatus” announcement of Berryz Koubou. In addition, I’ve seen a beloved webcomic go into hiatus (among others).

The time is with the month of Winter Solstice
When the change is due to come
Thunder in the other course of Heaven
Things cannot be destroyed once and for all

Come the fall, we will see the appearance of the long-awaited children 12th Generation members of Morning Musume. In a few weeks’ time, we will see the end of an era when Michishige Sayumi graduates (and takes a hiatus from the biz).

The Berryz may be gone, but they won’t be forgotten. Sayu’s time in Momusu may hit nightfall, but we still bathe in her light and we will. The peace that was destroyed in the Handshake Incident returns again. There is also the memory of a few certain idols who have graduated from this world. In spite of the tragedies that happened this year, the happiness created by idols will never cease.

Change returns success
Going and coming without error
Action brings good fortune

Change is not easy to deal with. We’ve witnessed the flurry of change all around this world, between the protests (either in Ferguson, Staten Island, etc), the various stars dying (Robin Williams, Joan Rivers, etc), the floods of abuse cases in the sports world (read: the NFL) and beyond, and the groundbreaking releases our favorite idols treat us too. They are an oasis in the chaotic reality we live in. However, change is never-ending and will never cease. That is the boon and bane of Morning Musume, the 48G Universe, and other “revolving door”-style groups like them.  That is the boon and bane of life, really.

However, fortune favors the bold and the bold are the ones who continue to march into the future. To quote Evolution, “adapt or perish.”


I’ll leave you with some meditation music, courtesy of a certain “crazy diamond” and some “brickworkers.”

Set the controls for the heart of the Sun and shine on, you crazy diamonds.
― Magi-Kat



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