Last Train to Autumn

Warning: There are YouTube videos here which may cause some browsers to freeze and crash.

Last train to autumn
Just heading out
Last train to autumn
Just leaving town

But I really want tonight to last forever
I really wanna be with you
Let the music play on down the line tonight

Welcome back, Magical Meteorites, and greetings to the Earthlings. Welcome to another the final installment of the Summer Refreshment series.

First off, thanks to everyone who voted, read, shared, and enjoyed the series. Like I said with the last entry, your feedback is greatly appreciated and your support is the real magic behind the Morning Meteorics. You’ve made one Witch Magical Girl blogger happy.

So much for Love’s First Train, eh? I’m afraid we had come to our end, great ones. It’s been a great summer, covering things from tropical paradises to coconut water. Since the series began with Manatsu no Kousen, I’d might as well end it with its b-side: Koi no Shihatsu Ressha. It’s weird hearing summer at the tail end of everything. I also know that I wrecked the legacy of the great Summer Refreshment Program, but this series was fun to do. I hope you guys enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

This performance in from 2005. Let the nostalgia begin!

The performance is from the Kinentai (which unfortunately includes the Miracle Harpy).

This is from the Best Shot series.

This is from a special live from between 2010 and 2011 (evident in the Miraculous Harpy’s absence).

By the way, since I wasn’t able to make through with my “beach songs and Q&A*” post like I had wished (which might’ve been for the best, given current events), as for the cute idolpire on the beach…

The Soul of the Solstice

The Soul of the Solstice

…it’s not exactly on the beach, but it’s out of necessity. After all, we began this series with a picture (one a heck of a lot nicer than this one) so we’ll end this series with one. Thanks for being along with the ride, folks. It’s sad we had to end it like this, just as we were beginning to have fun.


The best part of any voyage, by car or by train
Is when the trip is over and you’re home again.

― Ludwig Bemelmans

Here’s to memories underneath the Harvest Moon and the inevitable depression that’ll set in come the end of a certain tour.



P.S. a friendly neighborhood reminder:

I’m in the process of making some memorial surveys for the Berryz and Michishige-sama. Originally, both (or at least Michishige’s) would have been officially unveiled in the results show for the Summer Refreshment Crisis Resolution poll. (Don’t forget to pass it and the accompanying post along!) However, upon second thoughts, I’ll hold off a bit as both MM and the Berryz still have some releases to… well, release before we can give a full, clear opinion on them. Regardless, I know the Berryz one is about 6 pages of about 5 questions (a “general” page, an “other” page, and four pages relating to the four “eras”: 8nin, 7nin, Inazuma, Post-Inazuma. One may even split the last one into two if need be).

If you want to help out (especially since the Michishige one is going to be super-complex), feel free to respond in the comments or the Magic Box for the Public Vox sidebar. (Thank you in advance.)

* I’m still accepting questions for a future Q&A post though. Looks fun!


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