Problem Averted

Welcome back, Magical Meteorites, and greetings to the Earthlings. Welcome to a very special installment of the Summer Refreshment series!

Why is it special you ask? I’ll tell you why: Remember that little crisis that led to a big ol’ poll to determine the future of the series?

…there are now two open slots for content: August 31st and September 1st. I’ll need your feedback to determine the future of the series. You can pick up to three choices with the top two being the ones that will decide the fates of the two dates on the blog.

Well… the results are in!


Here’s a breakdown of the results:

  • In last place is Move the finale post up a week or two with 0% of the votes. It was a last resort move in the event of a lack of theme. Plus, burnout was setting in (and I have the fall to plan for).
  • The bronze medalist here is Take the week off with of the 10% votes. This is something I have considered, honestly. I’ve been working on this blog for months almost non-stop – and I still have some drafts on the backburner. I began to fear for the post quality given the series (and how other things go outside the blog).
  • The bronze medalist here is The International Wota Summer Refreshment Program with of the 20% votes. This would’ve made a nice tribute to the series that inspired this one. Maybe next time if there’s a next time. Consider the posts in this series honorary entries (though one could possibly count under the rules – marginally).
  • The silver medalist is Beach songs with 30% of the votes. This is a topic that might be a little tricky as 1. the beach is starting to look less attractive 2. I’ve already covered quite a good deal of them. (I have a remedy for that. Read on.)
  • As if this needs no other introduction or even mention, the gold medalist is The Sato[yama/umi] Movement with 40% of the votes. It was somewhat of an inevitability, given the link to current events in H!P and UFA in general. (Besides, I was going to review that someday and I neglected to do so during that mass series I posted in the spring.) Plus, for a good portion of the voting period, the Sato Movement held a pretty big lead and was leading for a while until there was a temporary tie with Beach songs. At nearly the last minute, the tie was broken to give the Movement an extra push.

So the updated schedule for the series is as follows:

Feel free to let me know which beach songs are worth reviewing (especially since as I’ve mentioned, I’ve touched on quite a few over the course of the summer) and even send in a few questions (because Ask the Blogger posts are all the rage now) for the penultimate Summer Refreshment via these methods:

  • The Comment Section below
  • The Magic Box for the Public Vox sidebar to the right
  • My Twitter: @MagiKathryn (either as a straight message/reply or using one the following hashtags: #AskMagiMoMe, #AskMagicMorniMete, #AskMagiKat, #AskMagiKathryn, #AskMorningMeteora, #AskMagicMorningMeteora)
  • The Ask page on my Tumblr (where you can be somewhat anonymous about your questions):

In the meantime, a friendly neighborhood reminder:

I’m in the process of making some memorial surveys for the Berryz and Michishige-sama. Originally, both (or at least Michishige’s) would have been officially unveiled in the results show for the Summer Refreshment Crisis Resolution poll. (Don’t forget to pass it and the accompanying post along!) However, upon second thoughts, I’ll hold off a bit as both MM and the Berryz still have some releases to… well, release before we can give a full, clear opinion on them. Regardless, I know the Berryz one is about 6 pages of about 5 questions (a “general” page, an “other” page, and four pages relating to the four “eras”: 8nin, 7nin, Inazuma, Post-Inazuma. One may even split the last one into two if need be).

If you want to help out (especially since the Michishige one is going to be super-complex), feel free to respond in the comments or the Magic Box for the Public Vox sidebar. (Thank you in advance.)

Again, thank you all for everything and may our late-summer greetingful wedding remain happy.

See you, Space Cowboys and Girls! Until next time, Magical Meteorites and Earthlings.



One Response to Problem Averted

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