Ah Susukino, the Earth is Raising Love Today Too

Welcome back to the Magical Meteorites and greetings to the Earthlings. Welcome to another installment of the Summer Refreshment series.

In honor their single being released this week, this Summer Refreshment installment is going to be about S/mileage’s latest cut: Aa Susukino/Chikyuu wa Kyou mo Ai wo Hagukumu.

Announced in June, S/mileage’s 17th single goes deeper into the abyss. (Is it me or do the H!P output this year seem oddly introspective/serious than usual? I know we’ve seen serious moments before, but it seems that many of the A-sides are of a deeper or more pensive nature than usual: Toki wo Koe, Futsuu, Love is Always Inside You, Kaze ni Fukarete… I’m probably reading too much into these things, especially in light of current events.)

The single will be released on the day before my birthday the 20th of August.



The songs shows off the improved vocals, even with the electro…. The spoken word bridge between the opening lyrics and the first prover verse also help bring home the sadness. I can imagine that there will be fans who will be reminded of the seriousness of “Emo Musume” and “Toki wo Koe” (with the opening reminding some of the aforementioned Kaze ni Fukarete). The verses and choruses are uniquely bridged with spoken word stanzas that drive the point home: a messy breakup in which the Sapporo red-light district forms the setting of its aftermath. In a sense, it’s almost the Osaka Koi no Uta of S/mileage, sans the regional dialect for extra flavor (unless I’m wrong). The electro-flair, while characteristic of the current status quo in H!P, also reminds me of the works of Nakata Yasutaka at times. (This, of course, results in me thinking of my past love of Perfume. I’ve fallen out of touch… do I have to write a third confession?)

Adding to the theme of distance (and referencing a line involving getting on a plane), the PV is set at an airport. Yes, an airport. (Gotta give them credit for sticking with their theme.) We see shots of our girls at various parts of the ‘port, be it limping near windows in heartbreak or “sobbing” in the seats. We even see one S/miley on an escalator, probably contemplating life beyond idolhood.


Now to the other A-side, Chikyuu wa Kyou mo Ai wo Hagukumu… …I feel guilty for liking this song.

Is it weird that I’m reminded of MM(14)? The opening shots and galactic visual themes are reminiscent of the PV (PE?) of Toki wo Koe. (I will admit that I like the fact that at times, we get shots the resemble a moonlit night at the sea.) The girls’ chanting of the title between verses is reminiscent (to me) of KimiKawa, and it sounds like the musical lovechild (lol) of any of the aforementioned songs and Ai no Gundan… or the fantastical result of a ménage à trois with said songs.
(To my horror, I’m beginning to think that maybe this song was meant for MM14. *puts the Flavor Aid away* On another note, I’ve provided certain wota with an unhealthy does of Rule 34 to carry them over to next time and like the songs I’ve compared it to, it is now among the unofficial soundtrack of my project. Then again, you wouldn’t believe how much H!P influenced my art. However, this is a blog about idols and most of you read it for the articles, not the eyecandy!)

Why do their outfits remind me of the Berryz for some reason? Curse the fact I was listening to “Special Generation” earlier today (at the time I wrote this) and the epiphany I had that I should pay tribute to something that inspired my art. I mean… again, you’re here for the articles, not the pictures!


On an overall note,

  • Unlike the yin-yang dynamics that seem to be permeating with the other H!P summer releases (C-ute · Berryz · Ju=Ju), S/mileage doesn’t seem to fall into that trap. (If it did, it’s very subtle.)
  • In relation to the previous release, the contrast is also less explicit. However, as a whole, the single has a “darker” sound musically. I’m detecting a certain “minor key” theme between the two songs (which is the reason for the general Darker and Edgier sound in the summer release). However, I’m (in my honest opinion) not nearly qualified enough in music theory to give an in-depth analysis (no matter how much I know about music).
  • In relation to each other, the two A-sides show off two cognitions involving love. Aa Susukino is a lamentation of (lost) love (eros gone sour) while Chikyuu wa Kyou is a meditation of love.

Again, this single is set for release on the eve of my Cake Day August 20th. Cross your fingers in the hope that this single does well!

See you, Space Cowboys and Girls! Until next time, Magical Meteorites and Earthlings.



P.S. Here’s a friendly reminder that the poll to decide the grand finale of this series is still ongoing!

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