No Country for Old (and New) Musume

The following is a post I made pretty much as soon as I read the news on Idolminded that night. I was somewhat tired and in a bit of a bad mood so I had hoped to write a more decent thought to attach to the post below. Nothing came.

So here’s my take on the Country Musume results written 5 days ago.

As if I couldn’t get any more PO’d tonight. Not only am I considering the cancellation of my project for various reasons (tell me why I should continue, even if it’s petty), but I get onto Idolminded to find out exactly why H!P fans flee in droves to 48G and other idol collectives.

Bull. Crud. Like. This.

I’m inclined to think UFA doesn’t care and is just using these auditions in a wickedly cruel attempt to get relevance in the main culture, instead of you know, actually making sound business practices and creating good PR. If you keep having these hyped auditions and then aborting the results, that’s going to kill any motivation for any girl to audition for your collective and spur “graduation” rates. (Heh, then again, we all know the real reason these auditions happen: publicity aside, they’re Kenshuusei auditions in all but name.)

Now, I can see possible reasons to abort. Concentration on Berryz and the already impending graduation of Sayumi…

Now that Berryz are leaving we kinda need more girls. I really hoped we would get winners soon.
I do have the feeling this is because Berryz are leaving. I think (and hope) that Tsunku wants to put as much effort in Berryz before they leave. I mean there is going to happen a lot before Spring 2015 arrives. Momusu will lose Sayumi, which will take a lot of time and money to prepare. They wanna let her out with a boom and make money ofcourse. And Momusu will get new members who need training and promotion. And let’s not talk about the amount of Promotion C-ute and Juice=Juice are getting. I kinda think all this made management decide they can’t handle a new group just yet. Or a new group with girls who don’t have any experience.

― Ikuta Kate

Then again…

…H!P take a look around, what you guys need is a bright and enthusiastic group to basically deter the bore from the current groups as they’re all kind of meshing into a cool route and with Berryz finally to disband basically (and let’s be real, the group looks bored as fuck nowadays) THIS NEEDED TO HAPPEN.  Unless they are planning to announce a new KSS group REAL soon…this was the lamest audition to have to sit through.  Useless as the time Atsuko Inaba held an audition and failed).

― Solarblade

On the other hand…

I guess I should have expected this after last year’s aborted 12th generation audition. Those girls were apparently too good for Morning Musume and would have changed the image they have now. So maybe the Country Musume auditionees just didn’t have the same image as the former members, and they didn’t want CM’s legacy to be tarnished.

It’s also highly probable that UFP is just being difficult because they can and that’s what they do.


― Shayna

The following sums up my outrage and ends it with the flair of Bryn and the VGCW Team:

How do I feel? I feel as though Up Front have pissed all over the fans who were anticipating this group, over the poor girls who doubtless spent time, money and energy auditioning for a group that may not be. Most of all, I feel, as I’m sure we all do, that Up Front pissed all over poor Satoda Mai and her wish for Country Musume to carry on. I admit I find her irritating but Christ. I feel that’s the harshest thing about it all.

We can only hope for a second ‘Shin Country Musume Audition’ though in my opinion, it’s looking unlikely. But, until then…


― Ash

Give me one good reason why I should remain your loyal supporter, UFA/H!P. At a decade, I’m ripe for leaving the fandom a la the Berryz. No one’s an idol fan for 10 years, right?

I’ll probably write something more coherent once to sun rolls around. Goodnight.

On another snarky note, you can’t spell “Up-Front Promotion” or “UFA” without “FU.” And there goes further opportunities for me during my hunt.

In other (and far lighter) news, I’m in the process of making some memorial surveys for the Berryz and Michishige-sama. Originally, both (or at least Michishige’s) would have been officially unveiled in the results show for the Summer Refreshment Crisis Resolution poll. (Don’t forget to pass it and the accompanying post along!) However, upon second thoughts, I’ll hold off a bit as both MM and the Berryz still have some releases to… well, release before we can give a full, clear opinion on them. Regardless, I know the Berryz one is about 6 pages of about 5 questions (a “general” page, an “other” page, and four pages relating to the four “eras”: 8nin, 7nin, Inazuma, Post-Inazuma. One may even split the last one into two if need be).

If you want to help out (especially since the Michishige one is going to be super-complex), feel free to respond in the comments or the Magic Box for the Public Vox sidebar. (Thank you in advance.)

Until then, in the words of Villagers…
Be Seeing You, Magical Meteorites and Earthlings.
– Magi-Kat

P.S., the fact that this post has a similar title to one on Selective Hearing is 100% coincidence. By the time I posted mine, I had no idea it even existed. Great minds think alike, eh? (It also took care of the dilemma that partially delayed my post’s publishing; it does a better job at being coherent with that nonsense than this… [insertwordhere].)

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