Black Butterflies Blown by the Wind

In honor of the single’s release this week, this week’s Summer Refreshment is brought to you by Juice=Juice.

Namely, their latest doubleheader: Black Butterfly / Kaze ni Fukarete.

After the intense flamencofest of Hadaka no x3 KISS, the Juicies follow up with the tango-licious Black Butterfly. It’s a calmer follow-up, though I suppose it may leave some people wanting a change in the usual. What’s next, a samba festival or a tangy mango-flavored salsa tune? Lyrically, it speaks to a certain mature anxiety and knowingness that has come to define Juice=Juice. I suppose one can say it’s the Bedtime Stories to their Erotica (or not).

PVwise, the concept’s a simple one: dancing and close-ups. We see our girls on a black set with fences and flowers. In some shots, we see them peek through the flowers or lay in bunches. (Why am I reminded of a certain lullaby game?).

The other side of the single is the ele-pop Kaze ni Fukarete. If we were excepting something along the lines of its predecessor, we were somewhat mistaken. The mood is more somber than Arekore Shitai, more reminiscent of Haru no Arashi and Onegai Dakara.

PVwise, the concept here is also straighforward: after Miyamoto Karin releases a paper plane, the other Juice=Juice girls rush to her. In the meantime, our ladies dance in a luxurious hotel room.


Overall, the Juice=Juice girls show off a slightly softer side while maintaining the cool maturity the group is all about. I raise a glass and wish the best to the girls this coming Wednesday!


4 Responses to Black Butterflies Blown by the Wind

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