The Power of Sad Heaven

There’s nothing left to try
There’s no place left to hide
There’s nothing left to lose
There’s no more heart to bruise
There’s no greater power than the power of… sad heaven.

In honor of the single’s release this week, this week’s Summer Refreshment is the PVs for C-ute’s new single: The Power / Kanashiki Heaven.


As mentioned here, I instantly became addicted to The Power. The South Asian/Middle Eastern vibes drew me in.

We have the C-uties in what appears to be a temple/mansion-like setting (complete with little pools/fountains), dancing and just hanging out.

And don’t get me started on the trippy imagery *drools*. Sorry, I’m a huge fan of Asian and psychedelic art.

For extra enjoyment, try to not to listen to the folk who scream “GOUNN RIPOFF!” Then again, I shouldn’t try to influence your listening experience. I may want to listen to MomoClo, but I have yet to fully listen to anything beyond their major debut. (Therefore, I have no authority over the comparisons to “GOUNN.”)

We now get to the flipside A-side, Kanashiki Heaven. (Just so you know, this is primarily going to focus on the Single Version as I’ve never heard the original.)

Splendid! I was wondering when we’d get more boohoos. The Power is far too cheerful (and the name of this post was in peril).

Musically, the folksy guitar adds a slightly breezy (if melancholy) dimension to the song. Otherwise, it’s typical light pop. Some might find it refreshing since it’s not an EDM-fest like The Power. I also like how the song ends: with the girls singing with the music ending before they intone the final words.

Visually, we see the C-uties dancing in a warehouse. However, I’m sure a good number of folks are going to cheer at the fact that there’s a good amount of outdoor scenes (and I know a certain set will explode at the pole dancing during the bridge).
All in all… it’s a nice contrast to the more uplifting, upbeat “Power.” Definitely a “yin-yang” dynamic going on here.


Yin-yang… Overall, the C-uties are in for quite a battle. Some found The Power somewhat lackluster, while I’m on the “OMG so cool” camp. (As mentioned, I’m a fangirl for Middle Eastern/South Asian-inspired psychedelia.) When combined with “Kanashiki Heaven,” we get it mixed with a “dark side” that shows the vulnerability of the group. Would they let whoever made them cry see tomorrow? We’ll see.

Well, considering the single’s going to be out by the time this post is published, we’ll see.

Until next time, Magical Meteorites and Earthlings!

― Magi-Kat

4 Responses to The Power of Sad Heaven

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