Halfway through…

If you’re reading this, then congratulations! We’ve made it to the halfway mark of 2014. Let’s review what happened so far…

262,800 Minutes… to 2015’s Midnight.

Well, since I’ve covered virtually the first quarter already, this’ll be about the second quarter. (Repetitive, I know.)




…I sorta feel bad for the lack of reporting compared to the P3. Then again, news have been slow lately (and I’ve been working on my series). However, I suppose this is a good thing. It gives us a chance to relax and think of various things as a fandom and other things in our lives (like my hunt, for example).

3 Responses to Halfway through…

  1. […] leaving it to fend for itself for about three months, especially since I made a post to commemorate the halfway point of the year. (Trivia: the single posts were originally meant to be blurbs on the post, but I felt I […]


  2. […] alone. I had considered taking a break to focus on certain things but leaving you guys on a summer lead-in ate at me and then news started to come in during the fall. Plus, I wanted to take a hiatus when I […]


  3. […] This quarter is also covered in the following post: Halfway through…. […]


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