I Want to Barenakedly and Undressedly Kiss This and That!

If this single gets my blog flagged as mature  and knocked out of potential future endeavors, this’ll be on your head. Not my fault I am obligated to review your stuff out of fanlove and criticism.

Now then, let’s review Juice=Juice and their latest fruit: Hadaka no Hadaka no Hadaka no KISS/Arekore Shitai!.

Let’s get the first A-side, Hadaka no Hadaka no Hadaka no KISS.

Due to the fact that like “GUNDAN” of the love, the title is partially translated, it has become more common among English bloggers to translate it in a lot of ways. Usually this take the form of “A Naked, Kiss” or “A Bare, Kiss.” In the spirit of being different and less redundant (even if the title is unfortunately so, nevermind the #TOOLEWD nature of it), we’re going to call it “A Barenaked, Undressed Kiss.” Why “Barenaked, Undressed” and not “Bare, Naked, and Undressed”? Because it’s more fun. After all it’s been five weeks since we’ve looked at this…
BL joke aside, Hadaka no x3 KISS is like Iroppoi Jirettai on steroids…

and HOW

and then some.

(I’m sure you’re tired of that comparison by now and I’m sorry for that.)

They seductively take us to the red-light district where they speak of putting on perfume and making us notice them. Juice=Juice was indeed meant to be a more mature, cool doll set (with a late teen/early adult age range for the members) and so there is some reasonable argument for such a saucy title.

Okay, you Pepe Le Pews Fifi La Fumes, settle down. We have one more river to cross.

Now we get to the other A-side, Arekore Shitai!

Raise your hand if this song describes your lot in life! *shamefully does so* (Hope you like Christmas cake come next August.)
Anywho, in ARKRS, the Juicy=Fruit tell us about how in spite of their adulthood and desire to do a lot, they lack the time and the proper connections. In a pale room of spare furniture (a possible metaphor for a young adult’s room when they first move out), we hear their… desires.

Needless to say, this song was a bit hard to listen to. It’s a lovely, sweet song but the subject matter… somewhat cut close to home for me. (I’d go further, but I doubt any of you would want to hear about that. Besides, I did enough heartbleeding on another post.)

The dilemma inherent in Arekore Shitai is this:
Well, our girls seem resigned to their answer to this open-ended question. Do you think they’ve grown up?

Do you think you have grown up?

Regardless, getting back to the single, we see a similar yin-yang as to S/mileage’s release: sexuality vs. maturity, a sensual first A-side alongside a more cheerful (albeit pensive) second A-side. Let’s hope the single sells well*, helped by the saucy first A-side.

– Magi-Kat

*As of this writing, the single has reportedly sold 43,645 copies, with 38,293 in the first week¹ and 40,336 in March alone².


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