Eighteen Emotional Mystery Nights!

If this single gets my blog flagged as mature and knocked out of potential future endeavors, this’ll be on your head. Not my fault I am obligated to review your stuff out of fanlove and criticism.

In the sweltering lateness of spring, after the strangeness of Ee Ka?! and the sorrow of Ii Yatsu, we greet S/mileage in the new year with yet another double whammy.

It may shock some with the content and come back down to earth for a landing afterwards, but such is the way of the idol wave. Such is the way of music.

The future is a Mystery Night!

Once again, I have to be reminded what group I’m looking at. This is a rather mature PV for S/mileage standards. It’d be wonderful for Juice=Juice and their intended maturity, but for the more “wacky” S/mileage, this is rather… strange.


Between the sexy silhouettes,


suggestive lyrics,


sultry facials,


the “bedtime” outfits,

Rated F-BY for Flashing Bright and Yurilicious.Rated BY for Bright and Yurilicious.

These images contain quick moving lights (flashing in one). Viewer discretion is advised and click at your own risk.

and the liliness,

it makes one wonder. At one point, I think I did forget who I was watching and thought it was their sister group.

It’s a great song, all in all. I’m reminded of Berryz’s “Aa, Yo ga Akeru” and Morning Musume’s violin-riffic work, musically.

I know some are going to go nuts at the maturity of this as the youngest member is 15. …On that note, it’s somewhat appropriate at that’s a benchmark (especially in the realm of idols).

In contrast…

Eighteen Emotion” is a more lighthearted rock-pop song. One is inclined to think of the S/mileys’ major debut, “Yumemiru Fifteen,” in that it describes an age-related dream. While the 15-year-old is dreaming of summer love, the 18-year-old is working towards her dream and not giving up.

Case in point,



My loneliness isn’t killing me no more…

Anyway, the set has our girls dancing in front of band equipment (when surrounded by giant diamonds)… and there’s not much to say beyond that. Sorry.

Altogether, the two songs are a contrast between two sides of maturity: sensuality and sensibility. Let’s hope the single sells well*, helped by the saucy first A-side.

– Magi-Kat

*As of this writing, the single has reportedly sold 36,616 copies, 34,340 in one week alone¹².


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  2. […] relation to the previous release, the contrast is also less explicit. However, as a whole, the single has a “darker” […]


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