A Buggingly Bleeding Heart and the Heartbleed Bug, MM14 style!

Now that my rewind series is out of the way, time to get to business – namely, Morning Musume ’14’s spring singles.

Now, the reason the first A-side got to me was at the time the PV preview was released, I was going through a tough time: I developed, maybe even realized that I carried a torch for someone I let get away. There were times where I wished I could be with him, that I’d wait for him to be available again, and felt that in a parallel universe, I was. The lyrics of “Toki wo Koe, Sora wo Koe” spoke to me on a VERY personal level for this reason. While everyone was going “OMG! TSUNKU’S SHOWING HIS MORTALITY! TEH CANCER FEELS!”, I felt that my torch-carrying feelings were being encapsulated in the form of an idol song.
Pathetic, I know. Then again, another blogger pretty much spelled out how idols and their music can have an effect on people. Plus, good music will do that to anyone. It wasn’t until late April that I was able to listen to the full song and not be reminded of my past feelings. So much for not putting my personal life into my idol musings. Then again, in this case, it WAS necessary.

In any case, the song is musically innovative for current MM standards. The pianos and violins add to the pensive feeling and I adore the effects.

Because of how the first A-side affected me, I earnestly awaited the PV of “Password is 0” (to the point where I had forgotten there was another A-side) – and when it came, I almost exclusively paid attention to that A-side. It’s funny how the PV (and the reviews that followed) came out at timely time: the Heartbleed Scare. Granted, the title is more metaphorical, but still. What makes it even more creepily hilarious is that save for some obvious nitpicking over the logic of the title, no one brought this up. Okay, it affected 17% of the Internet, but still! Cue the cries of there being a connection from the conspiracy theorists among us.

As for the song itself, it’s standard MM electro-pop. In a good way (to me). The lyrics speak about being honest (as Tsunku mentioned him writing the song with the idea of the whole “password” thing being metaphorical). It wasn’t until later that I noticed the copious amount of Riho. (See the Casual Hello! Project Fan.)
Then again, I love all of the girls (Riho included) so I don’t feel cheesed off.

In other news, Morning Musume will also hold a concert in NYC later this year (a Penn Station trip away from where I am). Too bad I can’t be there, no matter how much I’d love to be (and I do).

3 Responses to A Buggingly Bleeding Heart and the Heartbleed Bug, MM14 style!

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