Keep Calm and Support AKB48

We interrupt this stream of updates with an emergency update. I’m not even saving it for Twitter because my thoughts can’t be summed up in 140 characters.

What. The. Eff.

This is the stuff people dreaded, hoped that never happened… but did. This is the kind of stuff outsiders and haters would normally associate with us.

I may not have been a 48G fan (though I’m thinking of initiating myself and my friends dabbled a bit, courtesy of anime cons and Wreck-It Ralph), but I am still… affected by this. I’m trying my darnedest not to get angry, but this is just horrible. No one deserves to be attacked at an event meant to strengthen the bond between the adored and the adoring, idol and fan. No one, not even the competition.

Needless to say, this’ll have an effect on not just the OOO48 Universe but the entire idol world as we know it.

I pray for all of the injured (thank goodness their injuries are minor) and I wish for swift justice upon the psycho lunatic perpetrator of this heinous act.

Nobody, not even an idol you don’t like, deserves this sort of treatment.

Granted, the life of an idol is not easy and I’m sure they’ve encountered their share of uber-obsessive fans (hence the now-infamous “No Dating” Policy), but still…

Out of respect for the OOO48 Universe, I’m going to edit out all snarky (but tongue-in-cheek) AKB jokes out of the upcoming Precision Past Perspectives. I’ll even edit out the ones in past installments if need be.

AKB fans, on behalf of the H!P fans who are utterly pissed at this incident, I will stand by your side in solidarity as fellow idol fans.

Scratch that. Today, we’re all AKB fans.

(I’ll probably write a better post (probably when some more credible sources come in), but I had to get my feelings out. So much for keeping calm. This is just so offensive, so outrageous, so heinous, so repulsiveNo one deserves to be attacked during an event meant to strengthen ties between idol and fan!)

For further thoughts, check out these well-written entries by Morningtime and Serenyty. Don’t forget to keep an eye on Idolminded for further posts and info.

Peace and love (for everyone, no matter what idols you support),

8 Responses to Keep Calm and Support AKB48

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  2. Denny Sinnoh says:

    They should increase security, but they might be over-doing it a bit with all these cancellations. Considering the long lines at handshake events, it would be easy enough for even a small security force to make checks or even spot checks.


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