Help a Blogger Out: A TLS Survey, MorniMete Style 2014

On May 25, 2008 at 11:44 PM, I made a post to the original Morning Meteora blog where I let my heart out in the form of a survey. Looking at the questions and my answers, I was tempted to try to re-answer the survey in the present day to see where things are now. Welp, I decided to go through with it!

In memoriam of True Life Seek and the original Morning Meteora, Magi-Kat presents Help a Blogger Out: A TLS Survey presented by Magi-Kat! The original text is italicized while the current answers are in normal font. If you want to give the survey a try yourself, go ahead and feel free!

This was a survey that True Life Seek has put out there for bloggers to try called “Help a Blogger Out: A TLS Survey.” I felt it was interesting so I gave it a shot.

It also made me think about the goals I had for “Morning Meteora” and what I had in mind for this space in the blogosphere, along with its place. For a long time, I was asking myself these questions: “What’s wrong with Morning Meteora?” “How can I improve it?” I’ve been trying for ages to get these feelings, these inquiries into an entry but circumstances kept me from doing so. Now, I’ve decided to vent out these emotions into this survey since they made me go inside myself, become introverted about what I did, what I do, and what I will do.


  • Why do you blog?

2008: I blogged to share my ideas. It started as a hobby out of a desire to start a blog, inspired by the many great blogs at IW. IroIro Aru Sa, HNPH, the big blogs, the ones we read the most and look up to the most.

2014: Pretty much the same idea here. Most of the blogs mentioned above probably don’t exist anymore, sadly. When IW ended and Idolminded began, I followed until I grew sick of Ray’s perverse comments. (Rather, I think I stopped following IW because of that and then started fresh with Idolminded.) Since then, I’ve followed Hello! Sayu-Nii to keep up with the news, in addition to the usual Hello! Online (when it wasn’t posting Q&As) and Hell! Project (until updates ceased). Getting back on topic, I suppose to share my perspective on things.

  • What long-term goals do you hope to accomplish, if any at all?

2008: I’ve already achieved “Get noticed on International Wota” so I rarely have any “long-term” goals. Become a better blogger perhaps?

2013: As far as M3 (the name of the blog is going to be changed in the future) is concerned, probably getting noticed on Idolminded for one thing. This time, it’s not so much for the attention (riiiiiiiight) as it is to belong in the blogosphere again. Just like on deviantART, I know there are folks who missed my posts and there’s a whole new “generation” (lol) of fans. Plus… I don’t want to say much about it, but there’s a prospective reason for reviving my “idol chatter” blog. You’ll see. 😉

One is to still blog in 6 months (see below).

  • Where does your blog fail to meet your goals?

2008: It’s too stagnant (it’s mostly my fault for being “lazy” and pre-occupied with life atm), not to mention somewhat “closed.” I want to expand my horizons and show that I’m more than “Hello! Project and Linkin Park.” After all, “Morning Meteora” is just a name.

2014: One big one is disappearing off of the blogosphere for about an olympiad. That severely hurt my visibility and the general awareness of this blog. Even during my absence, I kept up with the news and opinions around the blogosphere – and had some opinions of my own! Even so, this blog is far more likely to cover J-Pop and general music if anything.

  • If you do have goals, what will accomplishing them do for yourself?

2008: It’ll help me establish a sense of expansion and share my thoughts with fellow fans. Besides, isn’t it good to keep your mind (and blogging palette) open?

2014: A new sense of purpose and regained confidence. I was unconfident when I first blogged and it was through the encouragement of others that I kept on. In a sense, I adapted the idol principles of “hard work” and “thinking about the fans” to my own work ethic. (I was also inspired by the various celebrities and other role models in my life, along with my own background as an artist/athlete/scholar.)

  • What do you want to gain out of blogging? A creative outlet? Praise from others? Personal satisfaction? Money?

2008: Mostly personal satisfaction, a creative outlet, and praise from others. However, I’ve grown to accept that not everyone is going to like my blog (as we all have our detractors) so I’d might as well expect less praise.

2014: All of those except the last one. I don’t expect to get paid for blogging about idols. That’s what my artistic pursuits and (more so eventually) day job are for. (I’m open for commissions, though I will admit that in spite of my background, I’m a better idol writer than an idol artist.)

In fact, the blog was partially an exercise in my writing skills since I was taking a creative writing/journalism class as a free elective when I started it in the first place!

  • Do you feel that your blog should meet a requirement for amount of entries? Do you feel any particular entry should be a certain length?

2008: One per day. If I make any more, I feel like I’m bombarding you. I want to space out my posts because everyone doesn’t have as much free time as I do.

As for entries, if it’s short like the one for Milky Way and Iida Kaori’s baby boy, it’s too short for me, too “drop of candy.” Then again, it’s good to have a variety of lengths to keep yourself flexible.

2014: I cannot say for sure, given life events and my upcoming project (which relates to that “prospective reason” come the second arc—Oops, spoilers!). I’m restarting so we’ll see about frequency and length.

  • For any particular entry, what motivates you to start and finish blog posts?

2008: Any ideas that pop into my head and current events.

2014: Same as above.

  • Do you actively consider long term goals for each individual post?

2008: Rarely. I’ve even stopped expecting every entry to be covered because, compared to other blogs, it’s pretty low on the totem pole.

2014: Again, the posts are personal. I’ll be more than happy to see at least one entry covered, but I know that I have a lot of competition this time around. Therefore, unlike last time, I’ll probably be less TO’d about an entry not being covered. (If anything, I think getting covered added to my pressure. It took me a while to finally calm down from the anxiety of knowing the blogosphere was looking at me now. I was a high school Senior, a teenager after all!)

Subject Material:

  • What do you blog about?

2008: At first, it was about Hello! Project and Linkin Park (hence the name “Morning Meteora,” stemming from H!P’s flagship group and LP’s second album). Right now, I’m considering making an entry about Polysics (because I love the song “Rocket” and it’s high time I spotlighted my love for the group) and another about the various versions of “Computer Obaachan.”

2014: As many of my answers stated, this blog will probably be about music with a particular focus towards Japanese idols. The “Magic” part of the blog’s name came from how Ray kept writing “Magic Meteora” instead of “Morning Meteora” when he covered it on International Wota. The original header and subtitle of the WordPress blog (jokingly) referenced that as well: Magi-Kat presents “Morning Meteora” | Or “Magic Meteora” to the world at large. (On another note, after a while, “Also known as ‘Magic Meteora'” was added to the subtitle of the Vox blog as well.)

  • Would you be keep a blog even if it wasn’t about the subjects you tend to cover?

2008: Maybe, maybe not.

2014: Eeyup. M3 (primarily) serves the Idolminded crowd. My other (upcoming) blog is more personal. Plus, I have other spaces on the net that can be accessed here.

  • Do you write about the material to promote it to others?

2008: At times, yeah. The “Linkin Berryz” entry served the purpose of attempting to bridge the two worlds, along with the Chester Bennington Birthday post that took a look at H!P members born in his decade.

2014: Again, yes at times. The two entries above tried to bridge the two worlds, but it could only do as best as a naive teenager could do. The purpose of writings a news + opinions blog is to inform of the reader about what’s what and allow them to make an informed decision about a product/brand. How can you not get an idea about a product without reading the reviews?


  • How much do you care about readership?

2008: Used to care a lot but now I don’t. I’ve come to realize that, while I need to advertise more, my blog may not be as popular as the blogs that inspired it.

2014: Same as above. Readers would be lovely and maybe my blog won’t be as popular as some of the others, but that is okay! I’ll just interact with the community more and “advertise.” (It’s easier said than done if you are an introvert at the core, like me.)

  • Does it satisfy you to know people are reading, even if they don’t comment?

2008: Yeah. Blogs are meant to be read after all.

2014: Same as above.

  • What effect does receiving a comment have on you?

2008: Gives me a sense of well-being. It makes me feel that someone is still supporting this blog.

2014: I get warm fuzzies. In other words, same as above.

  • Do you write with a particular audience in mind or an unspecified general audience? Why?

2008: At first, I tried to cater to the Hello! Project fan because H!P was something I truly knew about (even with the LP fanlove). The Linkin Park thing came later because I was showing to other people and they’re more likely to know about Mike Shinoda than Miho Shinoda. Right now, I want to expand even beyond that because I’m more than just out-of-style idols and a rock band.

2014: Mmmm, perhaps a bit of both. I know the Idolminded audience would be reading this stuff sooner or later. (Sooner, because… you know.) At the same time, I’m all the more willing to help the curious outsider or the unfortunate Alice become more educated about our Wonderland (especially given the “lol Japan” attitudes of some individuals on the Interwebs).

  • If you write for a particular audience, is it International Wota Idolminded? If yes, why?

2008: At first, it was the International Wota crowd because it was the crowd that inspired my blogging. Now I realize that I may have fallen out of favor of the crowd with how out-there and rambling my posts tend to be. Plus, some of my most thought-out posts are ignored nowadays =P.

2014: As mentioned above, if I’m writing for a particular audience on Magic Morning Meteora, it’s the Idolminded crowd. Why? Because they are a delightful bunch of idol worshippers who would care about this stuff.

Community: (The International Wota Idolminded section)

  • If International Wota Idolminded didn’t exist, would you blog?

2008: IW was what led me to blogging in the first place so no.

2014: See above answer.

  • When IW IM covers an entry of yours, are you encouraged to blog more or less?

2008: Yes, because it’s exciting to know someone’s reading and reviewing. However, after a while, I just wrote entries just so they can be covered (hence the decrease in quality).

2014: Yes. Why? Because now that I have been covered (and the exposure therein), I have to keep up the hype and momentum.

  • When IW IM does not cover an entry, are you encouraged to blog more or less?

2008: Yes, because I had a hope that the next entry would be covered. Now I’ve come to the conclusion that I may never be covered on IW again. Would I still blog? Maybe (as soon as I get the motivation and inspiration).

2014: Yes, because fortune favors the bold. In fact, I’ll let Henkka’s old comment do the talking:

I can tell you for sure that you’re not being ignored. All I can say is… don’t take it personally if you don’t get covered. Someone will surely cover this entry.

Going a bit off-topic here. While I haven’t been a contributor at IW for so long, I’ll admit I’ve always liked your blog… which is interesting since I haven’t liked Linkin Park in years. But, the concept of your blog is very interesting and you have your own unique idea, your own trademark you could say. Kind of like my blog with the metal thing. Most people start from nothing, just a neutral title for their blog and some people might never get to know what they’re really about as bloggers, but you already have a very distinctive thing about your blog that is surely remembered. Seriously, you could name several very known H!P blogs to me and I wouldn’t even remember the name of the people running it for crying out loud! But if someone said something about “Morning Meteora”? You can be sure I’d go “oh yeah, that Linkin Park H!P guy, right? Magi-Kat, wasn’t it?” My point is, your blog is very memorable already. That’s something you can be proud of I think. 🙂

And as to you not being covered on IW… again, don’t take it personally if it happens, even if it happens a lot. Maybe everyone missed it, were too lazy or you just had bad luck. But the amount of contributors at IW is rapidly increasing and if your post has something to do with especially H!P, it’s going to get increasingly harder to NOT get covered by us. 🙂 I’m going to keep an eye on your blog from now on and try to see to it that I don’t miss any of your H!P posts (or other J-music stuff). But even if I did (really, even us IW contributors are sometimes simply lazy!)… don’t give up! Just hang in there, you’ll be covered for sure. 🙂

By the way Henkka, I’m glad you realized that I’m a girl. ;P

  • How often do you read other blogs?

2008: I check IW every day but now I have little motivation to read every entry (partially due to current circumstances I’d rather not share).

2014: I check Idolminded everyday (by which, I mean the J-pop♀ posts and increasingly the Recommended Tweets [at the time I first wrote this]) so pretty much daily.

  • How often do you comment on other blogs?

2008: Not much… I have little to say, despite being wowed by the words. Also, the pressure of commenting and the self-promotion sorta takes away from my motivation (even if the lack of comments is probably why I don’t get that many comments on my own blog).

2014: As much as I can. Also, see the above answer.

  • If another blog covers a topic that you wanted or wished to cover, do you still blog about that specific topic? Why or why not?

2008: Yes and no, because we share the same interest so there’s a chance that we’d think the same thing. “Great minds think alike,” ya know? At the same time, what’s the point? It’s covered.

2014: Same answer, but going to the former. After all, it’s fun to hear multiple perspectives. Case in point, earlier today.


  • How serious is your attitude towards blogging? Do you consider it just as something to do for fun?

2008: Half serious, half fun. I do want to put in more quality work into this quaint little blog.

2014: Same as above.

  • How often do you blog? How often would you like to blog?

2008: In the beginning, very often. Why? Because I wanted it to be covered by International Wota and I wanted to see it covered more. Then, after a while, I grew lazy and somewhat mentally fatigued. The “attention” aspect of the blogging left me and when I tried to be more creative, my blog was left alone. Some of the etnries were rushed and the quality of my blog suffered because of it.

Now, I’ll blog for as long as I can because I’ve just stopped caring about “attention” and “How fast can I get the scoop so I can be covered (read: ignored)?” somewhat (my blog is low on the totem pole, I want to make it better, and sitting around is not going to solve anything).

2014: I wish to get back into the swing of things so I’m gonna pace myself. I’ll blog and would like to blog for as long as I can.

  • What priorities do you or have you put aside in order to blog? Why?

2008: Quality, creativity, presentation are the priorities I put in blogging.

What I put aside is my schoolwork but I try to blog when I have free time.

2014: I try to blog when I have free time because that’s the way life works.

  • Do you see yourself blogging in 6 months? Why or why not

2008: Maybe, maybe not. Why? I have other commitments in my real life perpaining to my future and blogging is just a hobby, a side-project if you wish.

2014: Oh yes, yes I do. In fact, it’s a goal I’ve set. Why? Last time I said it, I made myself look like a liar! (Actually, after consulting Time and, I made good on that as 6 months after the first posting of the survey was November 25, 2008. While the last entry on the Vox blog was on September 22, 2008, the first posts on this blog were on March 18, 2009. While it looked like I didn’t make it on the Vox blog, I still technically blogged 6 months after answering the survey.) Now to keep this date in mind: Tuesday, November 25, 2014. Mark your calendars and let the countdown begin!

(Belated) Update 12/2/14: Still here. Why didn’t I update this before? For one big reason, read the P.S. on the post.


  • Would you say you blog for yourself?

2008: In some ways, yeah. My thoughts, my feelings, myself is in this little blog. In all of my thoughts of abandoning it, I just couldn’t because it’s like a baby to me.

2014: Again, yes. As much as this is a blog towards the audience, I would say that I blog for myself.

  • What is your feeling after posting an entry? Is it relative to the time and effort you put in an entry?

2008: I feel a sense of well-being, along with a bit of nervousness as to the reaction. Plus, in some of the lesser-quality ones, I feel somewhat ashamed at putting junk like that on my blog. As for stuff I put real thought into (like the French-laced review of “Seishun! LOVE Lunch”) I feel a sense of happiness (though I was somewhat dismayed that my Linkin Berryz post wasn’t covered. Then again, I don’t think Morning Meteora’s covered anymore anyway).

2014: Again, same thing: well-being, nervousness, happiness, and shame. As for being relative to the time and effort, it depends on the entry.

  • What needs does blogging fulfill?

2008: The sharing of ideas and feelings, getting the news out there and stuff like that.

2014: The above and a sense of belonging.

  • Do you consider yourself a writer?

2008: Yes. I’m a bit more of an artist than a writer but writing is one of my talents.

2014: Yes. I may be artist, but writing is just as important to me. Communications.

  • Do you consider yourself good at writing? Good at blogging?

2008: Yes. In fact, I know I’m a good writer. I don’t really consider myself good at blogging though. Sure, I’ve gotten better with time and experience but there are better bloggers out there to inspire me.

Or maybe… I’ve just lost the will to blog (blame school and the fact I have to spend more time getting ready for graduation and college than looking up idols).

2014: Yes. I consider myself a good writer and I know I’m a good writer. As for blogging (which is virtually the same as posting deviantART journals), I’ll get better at it. Again, it’s the same as writing journals at dA, only more nuanced.

  • How much of your personal life do you share on your blog? If none, why do you leave this out?

2008: No, because I really don’t feel comfortable putting all of my business out there. Plus, it’s a blog about my interests, not my life. As much as you know about me is my country of origin, gender, and that I’m in high school. That’s it. Besides, it’s good to leave an air of mystery.

2014: Same as above. I try not to put too much of my personal life into my blogging (unless it’s necessary for me to do so).

So that’s that. One thing though: If this survey replied gets covered, I’m going to laugh on the floor and smile because that’s a miracle.

The same applies here. This time, the miracle is not so much capturing the attention – it’s knowing I’m remembered by some who knew me years ago. (That was in February. In May, it’s a somewhat different story.) Besides, like I said, there are lot more bloggers out there now so it’s okay if I don’t get covered. It’s just an honor and pleasure to know that you, the reader, took the time to look here.


P.S. In regards to the name change, it was supposed to be done before this post was published. However, other factors got in the way. As for when it’ll occur, you’ll know. 😉 Least you know why there are “M³”‘s all over the categories.

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