Walpurgisnacht H!P-mergency – Usa-chan says “Peace! I’m out!”


I delay visiting Idolminded for about a day or so and guess what? Sayumi Michishige, the last Morning Girl from when I became a fan 11 years ago, is graduatinglater this year, even.

If the above sentence bothers you, allow me to genuinely, non-ironically, semi-snarkily* hand you a panic button or two to press to express those feelings (or sum up the initial mood).

When I saw the news I was like “What?” and then I was like “It’s about time.” I can’t say why, but it’s probably because of her long service and advanced age. (I can’t name how many people predicted this or were calling this from the highest mountain. Even I knew she had little time, though I was hoping for a year. Plus, what’s a death knell for a Musume I once disliked? I start liking her.)

Well, it’s time for the changing of the guard. Time to meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

We knew this was coming, between the revived 12th Gen auditions (who are going to be trained prior to addition to the group so they may catch a glimpse of the Sayu before she jumps ship) and the increasing changes in MM(14).

On that note, that little paragraph regarding graduation speculation just lost some of its… effect. Oh well, chalk this one a score for the fans who take audition announcements as “graduations waiting to happen”.

(On that note, would graduation announcements be “dekichatta wedding announcements waiting to happen”?)

There’s only one thing to do now: see how this story develops with bated breath. (Me, I have an extra task: wonder about my status as a fan as I once said that I’d graduate from the fandom after everyone (who was in the group when I got into it) leaves. Well, I said that when there were five Musume left after a triple threat grad, a statement that has been challenged since January 2, 2011 – increasingly.)

(By the way, two things: 1. If I do anything involving that Hello Kitty video, it’ll probably be after I finish 2. the special rewind series. Sorry it’s taking too long, I’ve been busy [plus, I have a lot of videos to review – it’s gonna be hefty, hefty, hefty]. I really should get to it since I have a speci— Ah, ah, ah. It’d be gauche to spoil. Regardless, we’ll get back to our regularly scheduled programming soon hopefully before May 25th.)

Happy Walpurgisnacht/Magical Girl Appreciation Day/May Day Eve (though many fans are probably crying “mayday! mayday!” at their dismay, eh?), everyone! …Pray that there’s not a concert date on Halloween! It’s totally gonna happen because it’s in the fall and we know how the Hello! Project narrative works like a Lovecraftian epic.

– Magi-Kat

*Because you can’t run an idol blog without even a smidge of snark, especially if IM covers it. Sorry, especially since I try to be a “nice girl” blogger.


3 Responses to Walpurgisnacht H!P-mergency – Usa-chan says “Peace! I’m out!”

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