The people have spoken!

Extra thanks to Ray for the shout-out (complete with appropriate picture) and to all of you for voting. You’ve made me the happiest girl in the world.

Anyway, as the title has noted, the people have spoken!

Initially, while the “jump into the present” option always was the solitary option, it was primarily a tie between the first two choices.

In recent weeks, however, the tides have turned in favor of the “special series” option. It jumped from 2 votes to 4 votes, comprising 57.14% of the total results. Perhaps Ray wasn’t alone in the following sentiment:

I know what I want to see: a series of catch-up posts where she covers the evolution of her fandom.

I have a lot of things planned for you, great ones, so you’ll be looking forward to some mayhem. (Got Allstate?) Of course, it depends on the status of my hunt and a little project (or projects) of my own. However, I do intend on returning to blogging and Ray’s words gave me encouragement.

So expect a special Ping Pong Pinpoint in the future.


Magi-Kat out!

One Response to The people have spoken!

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