Cake Day – Part 2

Four score and seven years ago (actually, it was thirty-six and a half score aka two years ago), Idolminded rose from the ashes of International Wota.

It was a productive day, marked by a celebratory tweet, a debut post, and non-stop content for its first day.

In fact, reminiscing about these years made me think about the community and look beyond it. (Hey, I’ve done my part in the International H!P Fan Survey. Have you?)

Just look at the place now! With an expansion of content beyond what International Wota has done, one would have to be crazy not to dive in. (That is, unless Ray gets into one of his “Welp, I’m bored with this site! Let’s make a new one!” moods.) Instead of having to weave your way to the topics that matter most to you, Idolminded gives you a place to eat up all of the delicious content as per your palettes:

And that’s not counting the Community section. There are also various other categories that go above and beyond the call of duty such as:

On that note, since it is Idolminded’s 2nd Cake Day Anniversary, here’s a nice little treat from Chiima! Hope you don’t mind old cake. (By that, I mean the content. Besides, you already had old cake last week. Anyone still alive?) I also recommend Ray’s piece about the occasion and Chiima’s post about anniversaries period. (Mine as a blogger comes later this year, though my anniversary as a netizen coincides with what used to be International Wota’s Cake Day.) While you’re at it, take a look at the best of the best of the best (sirs!) from the 2012 and 2013.

Happy Cake Day Anniversary, Idolminded. Here’s to the future.


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