Cake Day – Part 1

Caveat: I apologize in advance for the quality of this post. It’s just that there’s only so much about that place that can be effectively put into a single page. In fact, if you’re really nostalgic, go take a look at the old casa like the museum of wotadom it is!

Four score and seven years ago (actually a fourth of a score years), our forefather Ray established International Wota. Throughout its existence, it had provided the blogosphere with probably the most comprehensive awareness of snark, sleaze, and symbololatry on the net.

Version 1.0 has a lot of memories. There were times when the idol blogosphere came together to fight the powers that be (so to speak) and show our charitable side for our beloved archipelago. It was also here that I had gotten the abhorrent news. In a panic and with too little of a network, I made a sudden switch to WordPress (even if MorningBerryz had a hell of a time using it). In fact, I was really angry when I started the WordPress blog and I’ve found that some of the media won’t work even if I’ve imported the whole thing here.

On another note, this is hilarious in hindsight.

There was also discussion about fandom gateways, one post ending with the following questions:

When did you get into your fandom? Was it an acquired taste, or did it hit you like a bolt of lightening? Were your favorites then the same as your favorites now?

There were many things talked about on Version 1.0, so many that I cannot possibly sum it up here. One in particular got me thinking just now (as I first wrote this post in February) about an entirely homegrown Korean edition of Morning Musume, rather than MM remodeling themselves for the Kpop market. (Of course, it’s somewhat moot since Jang Da Yeon is gone. Shame… I liked her.)

Another brings up the issue of idol dedication, an issue that popped up for me while blogging (especially since I’ve hit a milestone during my hiatus – the 10-year mark of my Morning Musume fandom). Reading this is making me wonder if anything like an awards show will happen in Idolminded. (Note: I doubt it.)

I remember the day when a friend of mine told me Polysics was playing in my metropolitan area. Sadly, I found out that the concert had a deeper reason for it via International Wota. I really wanted to go, but I lacked the funds. Polysics… will never be the same from here on out, but why cry over it? It’s been a while since I checked out their music. In fact, most Jpop events I keep up with nowadays are of the idol kind… which is rather pathetic, given my past tastes. (Well, unless you count doujin music, but even I stopped following. Touhou’s fandom is immense and the sanity-eroding effects is comparable to MLP. In fact, crossovers have happened.) On another note, I didn’t get to see Kago Ai when she landed in my state. (Not that it mattered.)

I cannot say that being an idol fan wasn’t all bad. I did get to hear the buzz about Momoiro Clover through IW. I sincerely regret not following since their major debut (especially since 1. they have a large female following in Japan, the largest of the mainstream groups, last I heard 2. they’re doing the theme for the Sailor Moon reboot).

Also, who forgot how worried the H!P fandom became when Kouhaku didn’t invite the Project? Who also forgot the “debut” of Tanabe Nanami?

There was also the great interaction within the community as shown in this news post.

An event near and dear to my heart was the graduation of Koharu (an event less important to me now due to finding new members and a slight dip in fanlove for the girl that gave way to ambivalent confusion) and the release of her graduation single.

Beyond this are dance analysis and a display of fan unity that would leave some of the more fanatical bronies foaming at the mouth. There was also coverage of Mari Yaguchi’s “Seishun Boku” single and the end of the Revolution.

Why, one post I’ll spotlight involves a band near and dear to my heart and wish I kept up with more nowadays.

And why the (apparently signature) rambling? I was looking for posts about me to reflect upon (as it’s impossible to put the entire history of International Wota into a single page)…

And I headdesked when I actually got down and searched – and headdesked some more when I picked out every post I was mentioned in. “Why did I do that?” I asked myself. However, I’ve ended this too soon. Anyway, now that we’re past the worst part of this, let’s go back!

Version 1.0 ended around March/April 2011. The final posting (according to the home page) was about a fan up for auction for tsunami relief.

Version 2.0… well, I can’t get a good look at because I’d get a page saying it couldn’t be found so sorry.

Version 3.0 is the version closest to Idolminded. Unlike its predecessors, it had a short but very productive existence. It began on April 29, 2011, greeting the world in style. After years and years and years of being where wota, casual fans, and blogging collided, International Wota took it’s fifth birthday to take a bow. *snfs* Our little metasite’s off to its first day of kindergarten! *cries*

The post declaring it put it in the best of terms, better than this rambling fustercluck of a mess could put out:

In memoriam of International Wota, I will now present to you the cake that WordPress ate all those years ago: iwcake

Come back next week as we celebrate the next phase of IW’s existence: Idolminded!


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