We are not what you think we are…

We are golden, we are golden!

Anyway, in a shocking turn of events…

Morning Musume’s sending out another casting call! That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, the second 12th Generation audition has been announced!

I remember my disappointment at the results of the Mirai Shoujo Audition, which was somewhat stronger than for the Lucky 7th Audition. Heaven help us if history repeats itself. As fans of VGCW and its related properties may say, “STEP IT UP UFA” (caps included).

Of course, with audition talk comes the inevitable speculation about graduations. Even a seasoned fan like me knows that graduations are bound to happen, but I’m not gonna jump on the “OMG SAYU/SB’S GONNA GRADUATE SOON!” ship juuuuuuust yet. They’ll happen when they’ll happen. Instead, I’ll enjoy the new recruits (cadets, since they’ll be training for deployment in 2015?) when they come.

I share in Kiokuchan’s hope of Tsunku making it out to judge the new crop, but I’m also somewhat skeptical in a pessimistic way about that. (Ironic, since I’m such an optimist. Then again, remember what I said about Tsunku cheering on and keep up communications with his team from afar? Well… sure, this may be the result of UFA’s decision-making rather than Tsunku’s, but still.)

Here’s to the auditions not being plagued with UFAlity. (Making a “Tsunkuality” joke now is supergauche.)

4 Responses to We are not what you think we are…

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