Hisashiburi ne… (Long Time No See)

Preface: The polls to decide the fate and name of this blog are still ongoing. I’m just gonna continue with the posts because I had a few planned and (at the minimum) two are approaching the planned “publishing” date I had in mind for them – and I don’t want to be late. I’ve been late for years now.

The last post on this blog was in March 2009. There was such a long wait that Morning Meteora was considered dead*.

Well, unlike Melon Kinenbi (I hope), I’m not dead – and proving it!

Now, where to begin? So much has happened between March 2009 and February 2014. Many of my favorite idols graduated**, three new generations were added, a surprise audition for a sister group, two environmentallyminded projects emerged, a new group was formed…. Oh là là ! How can one keep up?

Never mind the end of International Wota and the beginning of Idolminded. (In case you can’t tell, despite my LONG hiatus from blogging, I have been keeping up with the news – and the snark. I became even more focused on Idolminded (bookmarking the section most relevant to my interests) since Hello! Sayu-Nii and some other sites I followed seemed to vanish off the face of the earth.)

Well, I had originally planned to do a loooong post detailing what had happened during my little disappearing act. It would make for a good post (or series), especially for those completely new to the scene. (I would like to take a moment to state that November 2013 marked 10 years of my being a fan of Hello! Project. Go me!) At the same time, I was considering just saying “Screw it!” and dive right back into the action (especially since, as I’ve said, I’ve kept up with things).

In the interest of drumming up interest, discussion, and interaction with you lovely lovelies, I’ll leave that in your hands.

I always do like to hear from you and I look forward to seeing you guys again. As the song goes:

“If only fame had an IV,
Baby, could I bear
Being away from you…”

Indeed, I live for the applause, the way you scream and cheer for me, knowing I’ve brought sun into your cloudy day. I guess my smile is like sunshine.

Peace, Love, and Rock and Roll
– Magi-Kat

*I also express deep sorrow that I wasn’t able to import the old blog to this one – or do it when I had a chance. Therefore, as far as the Vox blog is concerned, Morning Meteora is dead. You are welcome to look at it through the Wayback Machine if you’re nostalgic enough, though I must warn you that it looks hideous.

** That is just in Morning Musume. I am well aware that more have left the Project besides them.


4 Responses to Hisashiburi ne… (Long Time No See)

  1. […] Hisashiburi ne… (Long Time No See) – Magi-Kat presents “Morning Meteora” I do remember Magi-Kat from the Intl Wota days and it’s great to see her return to blogging! And oh, what memories Vox brings back… It used to be a great blogging platform with some stellar bloggers, including MorningBerryz. Anyway, I’m quite late to this post, but Magi-Kat’s still polling to see how folks want to handle the interim when she wasn’t blogging and I know what I want to see: a series of catch-up posts where she covers the evolution of her fandom. So please, drop by the site, check out the articles of a prodigal blogger come back to the fold, and show your support by voting! Also, new bloggers please send a direct tweet or drop an email so we know you’re out there! Always room for more in the idol blogging community and we’re here to help! […]


  2. […] a hub for my space on the Internet (which I was increasingly in need of). Not long afterwards, a formal post was made to commemorate the eventual return of Morning Meteora. Like a meteor, the blog crashed […]


  3. […] Citizens of the Universe! Today is a special day here on M3 as it was 3 hours and 3 years ago that the blog was officially revived (holdover post that was later remade as the page it was intended to be notwithstanding). In the […]

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