Happy Cake Day, IW!

(Due to some technical difficulties, looks like I’ll be hosting Morning Meteora here after all)

The only thing more horrendously late than my deviantART journal (stuck in December 2008 with “Merry Christmas”) is my blog, stuck in September! Yikes! I have been planning many posts on a variety of topics but life (particularly my studies) got in the way. Well, no more procrastinating! Time to make this work! Yeah!

Which brings me to this entry, that special entry commemorating the special time of the year where the Site Where Dreams Come True celebrates its birthday. Yes, it is “Cake Day” once again and it has been losing out to other, more focused blogs, “Morning Meteora” (or “Magic Meteora,” depending on how you feel. Whatever. I don’t care!) is NOT going to be left out of the fun, oh no. Oh HECKELL no!
The life of an entertainer is full of surprises and turns. In fact, we all know from our coverage of pop culture news that something always happens. “HOLY CRAP! My favorite Japanese rock band/idol group is coming to the US/Europe!” “WHAAAT? Whatshername’s in a scandal with WHO?!” “DADGUMMIT! My favorite idol is graduating and it’s the group’s nth graduation announcement! Wait… THE ENTIRE GROUP’S GRADUATING?! CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP!” Anyway, the topsy-turvy world of pop culture never ends with all of its… fun (ehehe) so it’s nice to once in a while take the time to celebrate the daunting task in reporting and giving our opinions and analysis on the content. That, my readers, is what Cake Day is about.

“But Magi-Kat, I don’t know what Cake Day is.” Either you’ve just stumbled onto this blog, been living under a rock, or haven’t been paying attention to the entire point of the entry (let along the HUGE-arsed announcements on IW). However, since I’m a nice person and I’m sure that a few only have heard UFO in terms of ufology and not in doujin shooter terms, I’ll be happy to define it for you. Time to consult the great big dictionary of the Internets!

“Cake Day,”n. 1. A personal holiday, celebrated on March 18, commemorating the establishment of the pop culture metablog International Wota.

Basically… yeah, that.

“But Magi-Kat, I don’t know what a wota is.” A wota, in laymen terms (and me trying to be nice with the increasingly snarky tone of this entry), is a subtype of otaku (obsessed J-culture fan) that centers their mania on Japanese idols. They range from the casual fans who dedicated their life savings and paycheck to their merchandise to the almost psychotic variety that have delusions of lust, romance, and “love.” (You know who you are.) However, in the case of International Wota, it is an umbrella term for fans of East Asian  pop culture. (NOW it’s a little narrowed-down, despite the coverage of some Western artists on the site but that’s mainly due to either blog fancy or the Western artists collaborating with the East and it was Mr. Kipling that said that “ne’er the two shall meet.)

What does “Morning Meteora,” the fuddy little blog that’s seriously out of touch with modern Asian culture? Well, once upon a time, I dreamt of joining the pantheon of bloggers to grace its feed. One day, I decided to act upon that desire and it resulted in this little bit of girl-next-door banter. I had the drive and the will and beyond my wildest imagination, I was humbly introduced without even submitting my blog!. Now, when your blog has been featured without you even submitting it, it says a lot. (You can read my thank you statement here.) After the lights were shone on me, I struggled to find my rhythm and incorporate it with my usual routine (especially since I founded my blog in what was probably my busiest year in high school) but it proved sort of fruitless (due to the obvious) and I have noticed I was beginning to fall out of love with my once new and fresh hobby. I do admit it sucked a little to be playing catch up all of the time but I decided to “**** it” and go my own way. After all, it was that drive, the desire to stand out and be original, my natural urge to be individual that led me here today. Besides, why not share my little analysis and fascinating views with those willing to listen? God bless the Internet!

So, we’re right back to International Wota and it’s little anniversary day. People bust their butts off for those entries so the least we can do is give praise and say thanks, right? I mean, look at my handiwork from last year. To be frank, I once regretted having to send out a rushed picture of a cupcake but now I have no regrets (much like now). It was the thought that counts and while I had an eternity to prepare, some things are just more important. Right now, giving thanks to the people who bring out the bloggers who care, whether uber-obsessed are casual, is important to me and will I continue to blog? Maybe. I might provide usual stuff and once in a while comment on the news but who knows what’s beyond the horizon?

What’s beyond the horizon? AKB48 finally announcing a mass graduation of members instead of individual members doing the work? Maki Goto making a US debut? Perfume coming to America or Europe? Who knows? All I know is that until the next Cake Day, we’ll continue doing what we do best: blogging! Happy Cake Day, International Wota (and to me since I also celebrate an anniversary today: my netizenship), and thanks for everything.
– Magi-Kat

(As for the cake itself… I’m having problems uploading a picture so your cake’ll have to wait. Also… if things go downhill like this… I-I-I-I can’t muster the thought, not like this).


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