Please Line Up and Wait Behind the Yellow Line

Don’t be afraid of missing the train. You will catch your train.

Greetings, Citizens of the Universe!

Wow, it’s been over a month since the last review on the blog (especially since I had mentioned my intention to review this song almost a month ago), but… here we are!

It’s been over a year since its release, but Kanazawa Tomoko’s solo song Kiiroi Sen no Uchigawa de Narande Omachi Kudasai still has the magic that the Juice=Juice leader is known to bring. We had always known that she is a consummate performer and every bit the potential soloist that her now ex-groupmate Miyamoto Karin is. The fresh Instagram account (opened in 2019) and solo live tour (in 2020) certainly gave us the impression that KanaTomo’s turn was arriving soon.

(Oh, and three new members were added to Juice=Juice earlier this year, but that’s besides the point.)

It was in the latter that Kiiroi Sen no Uchigawa de Narande Omachi Kudasai was first performed, its release as a digital single more or less coinciding with it (by about a day).

The star was bright… then the apple fell from the tree, turning what was a possibility into an inevitability.

…And thus KanaTomo’s song from a year ago returned to the mindscape, pushing the need to review this song for the forefront.

Of course, one reason the song’s been fresh in my mind in late October is because of the song covers done by the new members of Tsubaki Factory and Juice=Juice. (You know a song is banger and a talent showcase when it’s used to display the fresh blood’s talent.)

Of course, a complication arose early on while writing this review (and let’s face it, it’s not a true M3 review if this doesn’t happen): Someone beloved passed away while writing it, giving an extra poignancy to the review. Who was it this time? It was someone near and dear to me, to the point where while the song suits him (even listed it on the tribute playlist), I don’t quite feel comfortable dedicated this review to him.

Yet (among other things), it doesn’t quite feel appropriate to dedicate this review to him. …Says the one who dedicated a similarly somber song’s review to someone else’s memory.

So I suppose that until I find a better one, consider this review to be in his memory.

With that out of the way, with her graduation approaching, let’s dig into Kanazawa Tomoko’s Kiiroi Sen no Uchigawa de Narande Omachi Kudasai.

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🍎 And the Apple Falls…: Kanazawa Tomoko’s Turnover

The apple of our eye will leave for greater orchards.

Greetings, Citizens of the Universe!

Well… here we go again.

Not that long after Sato Masaki announced her graduation from health issues, just when she (seemingly) returns from an endometriosis-related hiatus, the apple fell. The news we have dreaded since her diagnosis was unveiled in 2016 had come.

Kanazawa Tomoko, original member of Juice=Juice and its current leader, is graduating. Her condition was too much to continue activities.

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A Lonely Cinderella Complex Given Love

Time goes by and dreams freeze over

Greetings, Citizens of the Universe!

In the midst of planning out the Cinderella-themed post on that incident involving Maro (⚠ Reader discretion advised!), a certain song came popping into my mind.

Admittedly, this was one reason I didn’t up and bury that post to oblivion. (Another one was the obvious fact I busted my ass on it and I didn’t want all that effort to go to waste.)

Besides, it’s a good opportunity to revisit an old favorite from what I’m sure is an earlier time for a good portion of fans.

Hello! Project themselves haven’t forgotten about this bop. Heck, it was even performed as recent as 2020… on Solo Fes… by Kasahara Momona. Egad! They’re all coming together!

Plus, it kinda works with the “magical” mood of the season. We’re in “Spooky Month,” yes, but this is a time filled with enchantment and wonder. What better way to get in the spirit with an equally enchanting piece of H!P history?

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A Cinderella Story Beyond Control

A Dream Is A Wish….

Warning: This post has content mentioning and discussing abuse, bullying, mental illness, and other disturbing topics. Reader discretion is advised.

“A dream is a wish your heart makes
When you’re fast asleep
In dreams you lose your heartaches
Whatever you wish for, you keep
Have faith in your dreams and someday
Your rainbow will come smiling through
No matter how your heart is grieving
If you keep on believing
the dream that you wish will come true.”

Greetings, Citizens of the Universe!

Long time no post, I know.  (That’s besides updating the Test Winners post for the umpteenth time… and it would be that sort of post if this was posted before three previous posts like it was supposed to….)

Is this topic kinda dead? Perhaps, depending on your viewpoint. However, it does fit in with the spooky mood of the season (albeit accidentally).

Once Upon a Time…

Allow me to tell you a story, Citizens.

It was my birthday a little more than a month ago and for the occasion, a few friends and I watched a movie over Discord, one of my favorite Disney movies and my favorite Disney Princess movie alongside The Little Mermaid (or my second favorite after it, depending on my mood): Cinderella.

What a familiar thing to us idol fans (and not just the Idolm@ster ones either). Due to the fame of the fairytale, we see references to Cinderella all the time, especially in idol groups. (I’m sure Houkago Princess made a song or two based on the tale.)

In the case of Hello! Project fans, we are especially familiar with the tale. After all, a major musical project was done with Morning Musume alongside the famed Takarazuka Revue based on the Rodgers & Hammerstein adaptation (and now I’m getting awashed in nostalgia for the 1997 TV special…).

Another incarnation of Cinderella lies at the heart of a certain idol we know and love.

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Momona’s Gonna Go-go-na

A peachy graduation awaits.

Greetings, Citizens of the Universe!

Well, it’s time yet again. Another year, another batch of graduations.

Heck, Hello! Project saw a few graduations since the last time I gabbed about it. In fact, thanks to things happening, the previous H!P-related post was related to a graduation!

This time, we’re closing the book in a saga previously reported on the blog: Kasahara Momona.

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Shine On, You Radiant Emerald, One Day At A Time: MaaGrad

We don’t want to hear you say “goodbye,” but we must. 💚💎

Greetings, Citizens of the Universe!

So… great news dropped on Friday morning (or night, depending on where you are).

You read that right: Sato Masaki is graduating.

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10 Years of Ice

10 Years of Strength

Greetings, Citizens of the Universe!

It’s that time of year again, the Ice Fairy Festival.

Last year’s event consisted of an Instagram highlight, something that wasn’t quite highlighted here because forgetfulness aside, I wasn’t able to embed the highlight to a post..

This year is a very special one, the 10th Anniversary of their joining and debut (which you can read in the very first Ice Fairy Festival post). It’s been a long journey, one with its share of ups and downs.

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International H!P Fans Vote

Time to let your voice be heard, overseas fandom!

Greetings, Citizens of the Universe!

Some of you might know about this (even submitted your ballot! Kudos!), but this is just a post to signal boost the Hello!Project Fan Vote 2020!

If you’re familiar with the event, you’ll know how it goes. If not, read the Rules and Voting timeline below, click the link, and get started!


If you would like your entire survey entry to be erased from our records, please contact us at

Any identified spam votes will be void.

You may only vote once.

You will need to log in to a valid Google account.

You will need to provide an Email address. This is so that we can contact you directly should there be any errors in your vote that need correcting.

You have to vote in all required categories, which will be marked with a red *

Eligible members, groups, and performances are limited to those that appear in 2020.

Voting / Results

Voting starts: Friday 27th November at 15:00 UTC

Voting ends: Friday 25th December at 15:00 UTC

Results will be announced on December 31st at 15:00 UTC

Time Converter:

For the latest updates, please follow us over on twitter

You can let your voice be heard here.

Here’s to a good turnout!


Contemplating the State of Things

The result of late-night ponderings….

Greetings, Citizens of the Universe!

Long time no see with the posts, huh? The last one was in January and dealt with the One Punch Mags. I swear I didn’t intend to just leave M3 off on a post like this, but… yeah, we live in strange times.

That said, here are some… thoughts that ran through my head early Monday morning (I say that because the calendar said Monday, as you’ll read below).

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And Then There Were None

U.N. Owen was…

Greetings, Citizens of the Universe!

Happy New Year! …kinda.

As the sun set on a decade, tears of Country Girls faithful were dried by the promise of a new tomorrow. The COUNTDOWN PARTY went as expected (unless you were watching a certain stream) and we welcomed the new days.

A day passed without fanfare, the calendar having hit the Refresh button to mark a new beginning. Of course, as expected from the start of a winter tour, an announcement was made:

Great news for all! What a way to begin a new year. After all, Morning Musume’s 15th Generation audition was announced on that date, along with the (initial) 13th Gen audition for the same group.

Of course, that wasn’t the end of the surprises throughout the winter (tour). If you remember the way I titled certain posts (or sections of a post) (or just took a look at the Hello! Project website‘s news section–or the H!P online fandom), then you’d have a good idea what I’m talking about:

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